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Samsung announces Google TV sets

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 16 Nov 2010 3:01 User comments (1)

Samsung announces Google TV sets Samsung Electronics has said today that the company is planning on introducing HDTVs with Google TV at the CES event in January.
The company is the world's largest TV maker.

Yoon Boo Keun, head of Samsung’s TV business, did not leave any other details except to say it was "open to using" new chips made by Intel for its TVs.

Last month, Sony began selling the first HDTVs with Google TV and sales have met expectations.

Fans of Google TV, however, have been disappointed as all the major broadcasters have blocked their signals from use through the service.

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1 user comment

116.11.2010 15:23

I really like the idea of Google TV but it lacks some features that Boxee has that I do not want to go with out.

First when playing local content it dose not download any details about what you are playing. For example Boxee downloads information from IMDB like box art, Story line, and top actors.

Second is my dislike of how apps are used. One of the main problems with watching TV online is that no one source has a complete collection. So if you want to watch a TV show or movie on the Google box you have to search on each app until you find the app that has rights to the media.

To solve this problem Boxee give you the ability to search for TV show or movie then give you a selection of apps or sources that will play it.

There is still problems with some sources like Netflix refusing to be included in search results unless you open there app.

I really like Googles TV idea though and I hope they improve on it.

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