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WebOS 2.0 coming 'in the coming months'

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 20 Nov 2010 16:23 User comments (1)

WebOS 2.0 coming 'in the coming months' Palm, acquired by HP in April, has promised that WebOS 2.0 should be headed to all current Palm smartphones "in the coming months," remaining intentionally vague.
The confirmation comes from Palm Developer Josh Marinacci during the WebOS Developer Day in NYC.

All current devices includes the low-end Pixi all the way to the new Pre 2.

The company also says if you are looking to develop apps for 2.0, you should join the Early Access Program. The reason for such a move is because the 2.0 SDK is still under an NDA and not available to the public.

Palm says the SDK will go public when the current devices receive OTA updates for their devices.

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1 user comment

123.11.2010 8:45

lol look its droids older brother that has recently come back from a stay in the (we just got bought out pen).

IF HP had done this 2 years ago, i could see if being far more of a success, however droids here and i cant see it going away...

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