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RIM shipped 14.2 million BlackBerries in latest quarter

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 18 Dec 2010 3:49 User comments (3)

RIM shipped 14.2 million BlackBerries in latest quarter For the quarter ended November 30th, RIM has said they have shipped 14.2 million BlackBerries, a record quarter for the company.
Year-over-year, revenue surged to $5.5 billion, a rise of 40 percent, but net income rose just 14.4 percent, to $911 million, as the company pushed more low-end devices.

Over the summer, Apple announced it had shipped 14.1 million iPhones, and the company is expected to sell 16 million for the quarter that ends on December 31st. RIM uses a different accounting period.

Despite the strong growth, RIM saw some less-than-stellar numbers in regards to usership. The company added just 600,000 new users for the period.

RIM says it expects to see only slightly higher revenue for the next quarter, of around $5.7 billion.

The company will release the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet during the period.

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3 user comments

118.12.2010 04:24

I hope they enjoy their temporary sucess...the only thing their $200 (with contract) phone has on a free android phone is the email...and you can get an app for that.

Oh, thay also have the customer is anyone's guess why someone would be loyal to RIM...but they are.

218.12.2010 11:49

Only reason why all my friends basically switched from iPhones to blackberrys is for bbm. I currently have an android phone but I might switch to a blackberry just for that when my contract is up lol

Only waiting on the Storm 3 that's supposed to be QNX based... If it sucks then forget about it.

328.12.2010 08:31

BB is here to stay .

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