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Twitter suspends Steve Jobs parody account

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 02 Mar 2011 16:16 User comments (5)

Twitter suspends Steve Jobs parody account Twitter has suspended the parody @CeoSteveJobs account today, even though it had over 460,000 followers.
Since its launch, the parody account had made 650 Tweets.

Apple allegedly complained to Twitter about the account earlier this year, claiming that it violated rules about creating "parody" accounts.

Twitter sent the following message to the creator of the account:

Twitter firmly believes in the freedom of expression; however, impersonation that misleads, confuses, or deceives is against our Rules. If you had intended to create a parody, commentary or fan account, we need you to make it clearer in order to avoid confusion.

It is true that in Twitter's rules it clearly states that to have a parody/fan account you must have a qualifier in the username such as "Not" or "Fake."

Twitter has not confirmed whether that was the reason or not, or whether it would be willing to bring the acount back.

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5 user comments

12.3.2011 16:55

Ummmmm..................and how is this different from the "MayorEmanuel" parody account?

22.3.2011 20:52

Some people are too important to parody - it's the level they reach when their shit no longer stinks.

33.3.2011 4:06

No, it is the level where they shit on others, so they think that everyone else stinks.

44.3.2011 11:03

LOL, I had to laugh at the crap comments... Either way, it stinks, but yeah, I don't need to be crapped on to know it stinks.


56.3.2011 9:44

I think the entire episode reeks, because Mr. Jobs invoked the insipid "Do you know who I am? rule.

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