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HTC Thunderbolt owners rejoice, reboot glitch fixed

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Jul 2011 20:13 User comments (6)

HTC Thunderbolt owners rejoice, reboot glitch fixed Since its launch, HTC Thunderbolt owners have complained over the excessive amounts of forced reboots caused by their device, having their phone just shut off at random points.
Both Verizon and HTC acknowledged the issue and said a software glitch was to blame, with a fix on the way.

While the update is not for Android 2.3, it is a large maintenance update.

Change log of the update being rolled out:

Improved data connectivity.
Enhanced Call History view.
Reduced number of device power cycles and resets.
Improved Bluetooth Discovery Mode pop-up window.
View App Menu in tabbed layout.
People search function enabled.
Backup Assistant has been added to the All Apps menu.
Preloaded My Verizon, V CAST Music and V CAST Videos.
Desktop cradle App is now available, showing clock in landscape m
NY Times site has been added into the browser bookmarks.

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6 user comments

19.7.2011 22:13
Unverified new user

just got off with tech support and they stated that the 2.3 would be rolling out on the 15th of this month (july) and that it would hit about 200000 devices per day, lasting up until the 20th by which time they should all be completed. This will supercede the 73 meg update that came out yesterday.

210.7.2011 3:03

Crummy bastards...Gingerbread is already old has been on my original Moto Droid for months...and they are patching Froyo?

310.7.2011 4:25

At the expense of the free wifi hotspot though. - Guides written by me. - Join us Live on IRC!

(Kudos to Ripper For The Beautiful Sig!)

410.7.2011 4:53

My phone is still a free wifi hot spot; it has been from day one. That is the wonderful part about can do what you like and there isn't much the phone company can do about it.

510.7.2011 7:28

Anyone who has android should consider a non stock rom, my all time favourite has been

Its all the gingerbread goodness you could ever want :)

610.7.2011 9:33

Reduced number of device power cycles and resets
So it still resets but less?
I am going to update right now cause I have had it reboot 3 times in 5 minutes before. So annoying, it should never reboot.

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