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Is Rovio worth $1.2 billion?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Aug 2011 3:26 User comments (9)

Is Rovio worth $1.2 billion? Rovio, the Finnish company behind the blockbuster hit 'Angry Birds' series, could be worth $1.2 billion, if reports are accurate.
The developer is allegedly in talks with investors for investments that would value the company well past the billion mark.

In under 2 years, all iterations of Angry Birds have been downloaded over 300 million times, and remain top hits on Android and iOS.

The game is free for Google Chrome users, and PC/Mac users can download a standalone game, as well.

Sources claim the investment will be a "strategic investment from a company in the entertainment business."

While a few names have been tossed around as potential suitors, two that stand out as high probability are Disney and Zynga.

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9 user comments

112.8.2011 07:44

I would not be surprised there are a lot of Angry addicts out there, Rovio has rose up the ranks really fast over the last few years from the wave of flying angrybirds.

lol there is even a now :)

212.8.2011 07:48

No, it's not worth 1200 million. This bubble will burst sooner or later. Wonder what their next game is going to be.. Or are they gonna milk this cow to death (yes). But after its dead, what then... Are they gonna be like Team17 and release an iteration of AB every few years.

312.8.2011 08:00

Well come on 300 million downloads it is very popular in the USA out of most of the world and more people play mobile games then console as they have their mobile on them everywhere they go so really it is a very popular game for all ages.

300 million people is a huge market for one product chain, have you not seen the shirts, toys and everything else everywhere. Angrybirds brand is big money from the popularity.

i say good on them for having a good idea.

412.8.2011 11:56

I don't understand why. That game bores me to tears...

512.8.2011 12:54

PopCap games has developed and released several top selling games even prior to the mobile market & yet they only merited a $750 million (almost half of the considered price of Rovio).

Rovio has only Angy Birds as its "one hit wonder" & a long list of mediocre games at best. $1.2 Billion? Not a chance in hell are they worth that.

Disney may bible-thump the crap out of this title or squash all the creativity out of the next title given their lust for 'family' titles & productions; while Zynga will F^%$#@K it completely up with their 'buy upgrades' option. For me personally, I stop playing a game when they want to strong arm me into purchasing virtual upgrades.

It's a test drive, not free, if you have to pay to play past chapter one.

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612.8.2011 18:23

We're going to have "Winnie the Pooh and Angry Birds too"

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

712.8.2011 23:51

Originally posted by ThePastor:
We're going to have "Winnie the Pooh and Angry Birds too"
OOooooow, my eye... Mommy make him stop!!!

813.8.2011 19:00

The worth will increase rapidly in the next 6 months i feel that as the other poster said their are a lot of angry bird addicts and its just a good little game.

921.8.2011 01:28

Originally posted by borhan9:
The worth will increase rapidly in the next 6 months i feel that as the other poster said their are a lot of angry bird addicts and its just a good little game.
Yep i own a few angrybird fan sites and i have had millions of visits over this year, every expansion pack they release traffic just floods my sites. Like i was forced to a VPS from the traffic when Rio was released.

Anyway a lot of people find it a great game and with mobile users being most of internet traffic i say that the mobile gaming industry is as strong as ever, stronger then PC users so with more people with mobiles then PC's is anyone not surprised about these figures. They have sold millions of copys of angrybirds and that is more then most major games sometimes so i still don't see how people are giving rovio sooo much bs over the fact that they are over opinionated people who hate on anything that don't see what it really is.

Rovio made a great game and i say good on em. Can't wait for their next big hit.

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