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Spotify continues to ignore complaints about Facebook requirement

Written by Rich Fiscus (Google+) @ 30 Sep 2011 14:08 User comments (6)

Spotify continues to ignore complaints about Facebook requirement Spotify seems to be completely missing the point when it comes to concerns with their new signup system which requires a Facebook account.
Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced changes to the Spotify client, tweeting, "We're rolling out a new client as we speak where you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. It works like a browsers private mode."

In fact, this is just an addition to the option which was already in the Spotify client which already allowed users to turn off sharing via Facebook entirely.

Just 3 days earlier Ek tweeted that the company listens to criticism and makes changes accordingly. But today's announcement is still dismissive of the people who simply don't want a Facebook account.

For some the reason is a general distrust of Facebook, while others simply don't see any benefit to it. But just as importantly, many people don't want to be given an ultimatum telling them to sign up for a third party service whether they want it or not.

Ironically, Spotify's success has been predicated on choice. It allows you to choose not to pay for your music without breaking the law.

Requiring a Facebook account probably doesn't affect too many potential subscribers. The negative publicity may be another story.

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6 user comments

130.9.2011 18:05

Is there some kind of mental disorder infecting CEOs en mass?

230.9.2011 20:01

Maybe Reed Hastings owns everything and is spreading stupid over all companies?

31.10.2011 0:22

I never heard of spotify, but now that I heard of it I think I dont like it. I'm paranoid, didnt even want a email account but got one grudgingly. Getting a facebook account where people can track me is only asking for trouble. I prefer to lay low and keep to myself.

42.10.2011 10:57

Don't want a facebook account that is fine but don't complain if you can't get something due to not having an facebook account.

that is the users problem not the companies problem.

It's bit like never wanting tap in the house but also complain bitterly how they have to pay for all their water, well get an F'n tap.

If you don't want an facebook account then you don't want an spotify account either.

52.10.2011 11:59

Is there any law that requires you to have only one Facebook account or to give them factual information? I certainly don't give anyone on the internet correct information about me unless I have to, and never to Facebook other than the minumum on my "real" account. Yeah it's a pain sometimes, but too many people have too much information already, unfortunately the most untrustworthy has the most, the government.

I have lots of fun with those annoying online surveys. If a telemarketer calls me I will keep them on the phne as long as I can and make them as uncomfortable as I can. Ya gotta have some fun with these A$holes.

xtago, you have to pay for tap water too, but you pay more for them to treat waste water, even if it goes on your garden, at least in every counter I've lived in.

62.10.2011 12:45

Glad I dumped my FB account over a year ago.


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