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Microsoft finally launches Hotmail/Live Android app

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Oct 2011 1:24 User comments (5)

Microsoft finally launches Hotmail/Live Android app Microsoft has launched its first native Android app for Hotmail/Live.
The app was created by software developer Seven and directed by Microsoft and will be the first official app for the email service.

Hotmail/Live currently has 360 million active account and is the biggest email provider in the world, ahead of Yahoo and Gmail.

The app will include "push-enabled access to the user inbox, contact list and calendars," says THG.

Microsoft says "it has reengineered Hotmail and the availability of its Android app reflects a commitment to provide a great Hotmail experience to users on whichever smartphones they use."

You can have it synced to your phone from here: Microsoft + Seven Hotmail app or search it from your tablet/smartphone.

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5 user comments

15.10.2011 07:30

You want to link it in the article?

25.10.2011 09:19


35.10.2011 13:46

wow people still use hotmail/live as their email?

I only use them just for xbox 360 to login

45.10.2011 15:01

Does it work with the rest of "Live"? Or just email.
It looks like all it does is email so that means it's nothing at all.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

55.10.2011 15:10

Originally posted by KSib:
You want to link it in the article?
Thanks, was looking for a QR scan to add but didn't find one and wanted to have it published.

Updated now.

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