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Sony: No PS4 announcement or news at E3 this year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 11 Jan 2012 20:27 User comments (8)

Sony: No PS4 announcement or news at E3 this year Sony boss Kaz Hirai confirmed today what other Sony execs have said; there will be no PS4 (PlayStation 4) announcement at this year's E3 event.
Nintendo will reveal their Wii U at the event, a year after unveiling the tablet controller for the console.

Hirai, along with Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House, say they believe the device will live up to its 10-year life cycle, with no need to change that. By bowing out of this year's E3, it is likely that the PS4 will be coming in 2014, at the earliest.

Microsoft is rumored to unveil some details of its Xbox Next (720) at the event, with a late 2013 launch expected. The Wii U could be ready to ship by the end of the year, although everything here is speculation.

While the PS3 is powerful and includes Blu-ray, many of its exclusive developers have said that they are beginning to max out the console's potential.

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8 user comments

111.1.2012 22:45

thats that then...

211.1.2012 23:31

Sony is gonna have another ridiculous start to the next generation if everyone already has a Wii U and Xbox Next...

Assuming it comes in 2014. If it came a couple years after the Next's release, I'd see it as being in it's own league, doin' it's own thing or something.

312.1.2012 2:23

they never really took advantage of the ps3's hardware...

412.1.2012 2:34

Originally posted by EzCeazy:
they never really took advantage of the ps3's hardware...
Yes they did...they couldn't make 100% use of everything at once because of the severe ram and GPU restrictions....but they did use the GPU and ram to maximum effect (they even overtaxed them to the point that the 3D shutters incorrectly). They also made apps that use the CPU to full effect, but these don't need the GPU (they still use the ram fully). It won't be long before we see the PS3 like we saw the PS2 a couple years ago...even if they don't release a PS4. Lack of a new release from Nintendo hasn't made the Wii seem any less outdated.

512.1.2012 6:02

While Sony may benefit to releasing a console after they know the specs of there competition, and make a more powerful system like they did with the PS3. It could be a downfall as well, the PS3 has the better hardware but when tons of games are just being ported it's not taking advantage of what the system has to offer. When the PS3 had games just for the PS3 they looked awesome. The fact is Sony needs a console to come out first so that game developers are making games on that platform instead of games being ported to the system. That will happen again if MS releases there console a year before Sony again.

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612.1.2012 6:17

Manufacturers don't care who made the first console of a generation...they design for the worst console so that porting to the better consoles is reasonably easy. It is much trickier porting from the best console to the worst console.

712.1.2012 12:48

They're just keeping their mouths shut for once... you all know they're coming out with another console. They're dancing around the toilet seat like their crowning birth to a shite the size of a baby rhino, but like KB said (but if I can elaborate or masticate); they probably lose their ass each time they make an announcement like that in that the price on components go up. I.e., profiteers.

Thus, in order for Sony to make good on their cost to consumer gouging, you get KB's concise prognosis.

Just watch. Less than 90 days, big event. Huge fart whistle, fog horn of an air blast will go up & some Sony little dick trying to make waves will spill the beans.

814.1.2012 14:10

I don't know what's going to happen but Microsoft better have a big HDD in their next console so I can install the games. I'm not going to buy games if I have to swap out 8 discs. Maybe waiting a little longer won't be all that bad for Sony but the PS4 will be announced soon. They probably wont do it at E3 but I bet they do it at Tokyo Game Show which is scheduled in late September. It really all depends on what Microsoft does. The PS2 released in 2000 and the PS3 released in 2006. We are hitting that six year mark again. The PS3 will be a 10 year console meaning it will have support until 2016 like the PS2 did until 2010 (actually I think there were a couple games released in 2011) but you can bet the next Playstation will be announced very very soon.

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