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Experts: Apple will not build smaller iPad

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 15 Feb 2012 22:27 User comments (5)

Experts: Apple will not build smaller iPad One day after the WSJ reported that Apple is actively considering building a smaller, 8-inch iPad, experts are refuting the claim.
The CEO of Rapid Repair, Aaron Vronko says there is little chance Apple will create a smaller form factor iPad: "I think a smaller iPad would be questionable. "because Apple has been able to appeal to [iPad] developers with its single screen format." Rapid Repair fixes broken iOS devices. Vronko also believes Apple's marketing efforts would have been a waste if they introduce a smaller iPad: "Apple has gone to considerable lengths to define and separate its primary products -- iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac -- by, among other things, screen size. To introduce a smaller iPad would muddy the waters, something Apple has spent substantial effort to avoid."

That being said, Vronko also says he does not believe Apple will make a substantially larger iPhone, like its Android rivals.

Ken Dulaney, analyst at Gartner, called smaller iPad "smart" but saw little chance they would actually build one: "[More size choice] makes a lot of sense, and their appeal depends on what people want to do with them. But I would say they won't create a smaller iPad." In the past, Apple has publicly panned 7-inch tablets, calling them useless.

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5 user comments

116.2.2012 7:57

Well one things for sure in march we will know about the ipad and in oct. we will know about the iphone;)You can pretty much count on

216.2.2012 12:53

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...

317.2.2012 1:48

im predicting apple are gonna make another iphone and ipad with a few minor features upgraded and charge an even higher price for it.

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418.2.2012 2:38

Originally posted by xboxdvl2:
im predicting apple are gonna make another iphone and ipad with a few minor features upgraded and charge an even higher price for it.
I'm predicting your going to be right, but if apple does do it, it will be an 8 inch screen (1 inch larger); inducing screen envy on kindle fire users. LOL

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If your fish seems sick, put it back in the water.

524.2.2012 16:55

I don't need or want a smaller Ipad, I already have my iphone and itouch for that.... The current size is perfect, and does not need to be made smaller, I use my other iDevices when I don't want to carry around a full size tablet.

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