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Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 29 Feb 2012 7:15 User comments (5)

Download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has released their long-awaited Windows 8 Consumer Preview today.
The download is available, and is just a bit over 3GB as a full ISO.

We will be putting up a guide to installing the OS on your current machine in the next few hours, but for now you can download the ISO or set-up tools here.

Windows 8 is a radical departure from past Microsoft operating systems, as it uses the touch-friendly Metro UI, a whole new slew of apps, gestures and a completely overhauled browser. Underneath it all, however, consumers with Windows 7 should not expect anything too far out of the ordinary.

If anyone has any first impressions of Windows 8 before our post, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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5 user comments

129.2.2012 20:10

So far the booting has been just as fast (if not faster) than the Developer preview. On a standard mouse and keyboard setup things feel a touch disjointed at first but I'm getting used to swapping between traditional apps and metro. I don't think it will ever be truly easy but its not too daunting either.
One glaring fault is with IE, not that it will ever be my main browser or a browser I use even occationally, but a lot of people do. I noticed though that they don't alow you to share anything between the two versions of IE that come with win8 not even bookmarks its messed up they better get that fixed or IE will loose even more market share.
I need to a touch screen to give metro a proper review but its smooth with the mouse and very responsive. The whole system is snappy and should be really productive.
Also after a few minutes I stopped missing the start orb.

I made sure to use older hardware so i could better gauge its performance. I used an old core 2 duo clocked at 2.4 GHz with 1GB of DDR 2 RAM and a SATA II 5200 RPM HDD the GPU is an old ATI 2400HD


21.3.2012 03:50

I installed the Consumer Preview in a VM yesterday and played with it. After a frustrating hour trying to figure out Metro I decided that it will be good for tablets but not so great for desktops. The Metro environment is front and centre. The desktop feels almost second class, which it shouldn't. I'd love to see the user given choice of which default environment they want to use, this would allow tablet users to bask with Metro, and desktop users be productive with Aero. I guess we will see what Windows 9 is like.


31.3.2012 16:47

If it's about the same as the developer preview, no thanks!

neronut - Unless they disabled it, there's a reghack to disable the dumbass Metro UI. Don't recall it offhand, but Google it.

41.3.2012 19:18

You can't disable Metro in the Consumer Preview.


51.3.2012 19:40

Originally posted by neronut:
You can't disable Metro in the Consumer Preview.

If the final release is that way, then NEVER will I use Windows 8.

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