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Apple's next iPad to be called iPad HD?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 05 Mar 2012 22:51 User comments (3)

 Apple's next iPad to be called iPad HD? According to sources speaking to CNET, the upcoming Apple iPad will be called iPad HD and not iPad 3 as expected.
The site spoke with a "trustworthy" developer who has provided good information in the past in regards to iOS devices, giving some credibility to the rumor.

Last week, accessory maker Griffin outted the name, as well, listing cases with the name "iPad HD (3)." The popular application Tapatalk also noted the name, putting down the "iPad HD" as a supported device.

For now, and are taken domains, but this wouldn't be the first time Apple has waited until the last minute or even after-the-fact to purchase a domain or trademark for their product.

The Apple iPad 3 (or iPad HD) will be unveiled on Wednesday during a special event.

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3 user comments

16.3.2012 9:20

Well the rumors END tomarrow.............

27.3.2012 11:08

...Which will probably confirm everyone's suspicion that the '3' was indeed a lesser throbbing POS upgrade to the pre existing ipud 2. So we only assume that all the conditioned customers of Apple's products will dutifully wander up to their favorite CrApple outlet & those that can afford the upgrade will willingly push on the lever like Pavlov's chimp & get another grossly over priced 'torpedo' (read one of my hi-gloss analogies).

Then like every other Hollywood tale, they'll stagger off into the distance like the living dead again. Constantly chanting as they do here in the forums about how this garbage is changing the world & everybody just doesn't know... babble, prattle, spittle... "Join us..."

37.3.2012 12:21

Sounds better anyway for those who keep buying the same product, "OH I GOT THE NEW IPAD HD"

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