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Cable operators say 'no' to a Netflix channel

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Mar 2012 14:33 User comments (8)

Cable operators say 'no' to a Netflix channel Last week, we reported that Netflix has been meeting with cable companies in the past weeks in an effort to get their own channel.
If CEO Reed Hastings is successful, Netflix would become available as an on-demand option for cable subscribers, similar to rivals HBO and Showtime. The channel would offer Netflix's streaming catalog of 25,000 TV episodes and movies.

Although Netflix wants this move to happen, it appears that the cable and satellite operators do not.

Comcast, DirectTV and Dish Network have all said "no" to Netflix, say sources, knocking out three major players in the industry already.

Dish and Comcast already have streaming services of their own, which makes their decisions understandable, but still a large blow to Netflix. The three operators control 56 percent of the U.S.' TV subscribers.

Verizon is expected to say no, as well, as they work on a rival service with Redbox.

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8 user comments

112.3.2012 16:57

You know, the first article didn't exactly click when I read it, now it does. Now that I've read this one, what the hell would be the reason for NetNuts? Isn't the service already as tied into your TV as it can possibly get?

Enough already... Their starting to get delusions of world domination like Disney.

212.3.2012 16:59
Unverified new user

I thought there were laws against preventing a competitor from using cable networks because Cable providers had a government sanctioned monopoly on cable. SO did they say "no" or did they just not get offered enough money?

312.3.2012 18:59

I would guess that Netflix just did this for the pub.
In other words, they can now offer themselves as an alternative to cable and can site this as an example of how cable companies are not open to the future.

Oh, Im sorry... Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?

412.3.2012 19:57

it makes no sense to have both cable and netflix. I ditched cable and now just have netflix and hulu plus for a whopping $18 total and I swear to god the only reason I will ever get cable again is due to football.

512.3.2012 21:12

They should have known cable companies want nothing to do with them. Here in Canada the ISP's tried to put a very small cap and use UBB on our net so we can't stream movies on things like Netflix. I don't understand why they would want to be with cable providers anyway? Almost every new device be it blu-ray players, TVs, or a game console has support for Netflix.

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613.3.2012 4:30

Ha Ha Ha Netflix on Dish Network ... Hello Blockbuster.

I guess they want to add netflix to demand because it's cheaper but if you have highdef channels then you have videos on demand.

I bet netflix just want to copy dish network and wants movies in hd.

By the way, don't you need to have cabletv service to use netflix anyway?

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713.3.2012 7:34

Originally posted by xaznboitx:
By the way, don't you need to have cabletv service to use netflix anyway?

No, it's just an online "rental" streaming service. Netflix already has "HD" content, you have to enable it on there site due to some ISP's having a very low data cap.

815.3.2012 15:42

The cable owner have dug their own graves.


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