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Report: iPhone 5 to include quad-core A6

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 05 Jul 2012 7:27 User comments (6)

Report: iPhone 5 to include quad-core A6 According to Digitimes, Apple will move to a quad-core A6 processor for the next iteration of the iPhone.
Tentatively called the iPhone 5, the new device will need the quad-core processor to remain competitive (spec-wise) in the market.

Samsung, HTC, LG and Meizu each have phones already out with quad-core processors. Apple will launch the new iPhone in October.

For its custom A6 chips, Apple is expected to use Samsung's Exynos 4 architecture, not Qualcomm or Nvidia's.

Apple's most recent device, the third-generation iPad, uses an A5X processor, a juiced-up dual-core chip.

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6 user comments

17.7.2012 16:56

I still wouldn't buy one even if they put twin turbos on it.

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28.7.2012 12:13

I"ll ready.

38.7.2012 20:17

Smart move by Apple, however I'm still not dumb enough to buy one. :)

49.7.2012 02:52

the iapplet fever will die down soon

510.7.2012 02:34

I have an Apple 4 which I am very happy with,next year when my cotract runs out if the new Iphone dosn't have a bigger screen equal to or better than the GALAXY III then I will be going Samsung.

615.8.2012 05:20

anyone else spot that APPLE is using SAMSUNG technology...?
they playing the whole lot of us for dumba**es

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