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Apple Mountain Lion available today for $20

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 25 Jul 2012 12:36 User comments (2)

Apple Mountain Lion available today for $20 The latest OS X variant hit final beta earlier this month, and devs have had sufficient time to "play" with the new operating system.
Apple's update will tightly integrate with cloud storage solutions for Mac users, as well as steal multiple features from iOS, the company's mobile operating system.

The OS will only be sold as a digital download, hence the cheaper price, and you must be running the latest Lion or Snow Leopard to upgrade.
Among the new features is an OS-based integration with social networking giant Facebook, microblogging giant Twitter and other services like Flickr for sharing pictures

"Power Nap" lets your computer stay "updated" even while in sleep mode, meaning your emails will autosync, software updates will download automatically, and any file backups will work as well. This feature is available to Mountain Lion users with the latest MacBook Airs or Retina Display MacBook Pros.

More notably, "Messages" will replace the former iChat system, allowing you to send instant messages to any Apple user, whether they are using an iOS device or a Mac.

Finally, the update will also bring basic dictation to your Mac, allowing you to talk into the mic and have it converted to text.

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2 user comments

125.7.2012 13:34

Oooh.........I'll run out and get a copy to replace Win 7 on my computer......................


Next Apple release.........Apple "Lemming" OS.........and hopefully the rest of them will follow off the cliff.

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225.7.2012 19:37

Sounds like another $20 for a Service Pack. Also with every version of OSX they alienate enterprise, businesses, and education more and more. They make their products almost so each person needs their own and using it with multiple people is impossible. Especially in a network environment. For this reason my organization will be sticking with OS 10.6 as long as they can.

"Have you tried turning it off and on again?" ~ Roy Trenneman

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