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Microsoft launches Android SkyDrive app

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 14 Aug 2012 11:17 User comments (6)

Microsoft launches Android SkyDrive app Microsoft has updated its SkyDrive cloud service.
Additionally, the company has unveiled an Android app for the service. has been given a "new, modern design," one that will fit the new look of, and the overall Modern UI of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

New additions to the site are "instant search, a contextual toolbar, thumbnail multi-select, drag-and-drop organization, and HTML5 sorting," says PCM.

The Android app will be available in the next few weeks, says Microsoft, joining the already existant iOS and WP7 versions.

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6 user comments

117.8.2012 10:58

Discussion closed due to lack of interest.

217.8.2012 20:47

Originally posted by robertmro:
Discussion closed due to lack of interest.
Of course you speak for everyone.

317.8.2012 20:51

If it doesn't crash on android 2 I'd be interested. I do like dropbox, but skydrive is bigger. Plus I already use hotmail.

419.8.2012 23:11

Think after MS8 and RT are out, that many people will be more than a little interested. Me, I'm holding out for a Win8 Pro tablet with good connectivity, wifi, GPS, usb, SD, NFI and such.

Back to Sky Drive. Getting more free storage space, that's good. Now if they would would do a promo with say 50Gb, like box did a while back, that would be wonderful. Still 7Gb free is a lot better than 2Gb from Dropbox. Why not use all three? Triple redundancy of backups of your important data comes in at better than 99.999% reliability. And that is on your own hard drives, not on multiple backed up professional servers.

I realize I almost never post anything, but have been a subscriber to for about ten years now. Seems really odd to be listed as a newbie. Sure it has to do with my very limited posting.

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520.8.2012 07:38

I found a Skydrive app on the market yesterday and tried it out. It works pretty well, doesn't crash on my Droid 2.0 tablet, and can access and move files around, unlike dropbox. I uninstalled Drive and am definitely keeping skydrive!

625.8.2012 07:26

Originally posted by mZVfprrUc:
Have deer concerns too, but for the most part can keep most of them out of the gadners. The chickens seem to take care most of the slugs.
What! Either you're in the wrong thread or have some issues.

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