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Report: Google, Samsung to unveil 10-inch tablet on October 29th

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 21 Oct 2012 18:03 User comments (4)

Report: Google, Samsung to unveil 10-inch tablet on October 29th Earlier this week, Google sent out press invites for an event on October 29th.
Today, TNW is reporting that Google will use the event to not only introduce the new Nexus 4, but also to unveil the rumored 10-inch Nexus tablet with Samsung.

The "premium" Nexus 10 tablet will have Samsung as the manufacturer and include a massive pixel density, higher than that of the iPad's Retina Display.

If accurate, the sources say the tablet will have a 2560 x 1,600 display and a PPI of 299. The third-gen iPad has 264 PPI and a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution.

Furthermore, Google will also unveil Android 4.2, which includes new features like "Tablet Sharing," "Content in the Center" and new vertical panoramic photo capture, as well.

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4 user comments

121.10.2012 20:34

I can only hope this model actually comes with an SD card slot, or perhaps a micro SD slot. Either way, the previous hardware revision prevented me from buying it. SD card storage is a key factor for me.

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222.10.2012 12:03

You can take 600 dollars from me but only if.... sd card slot, micro usb & hdmi are included and separate from the charging port. Quad core processor minimum of 1.5 ghz, internal storage minimum of 32gb (64gb preferred). Resolution as stated is fine, 10" screen is fine. Dual speakers. Android 4.1 or 4.2 no ice cream. 2gb of ram is a must no 1gb bs. Finally a keyboard dock with battery and more expansion (you can charge more for that if you wish). This is the tablet I want!!!!!!!!!!!!

322.10.2012 14:41

$600? you sounded rich and snobby at the end(sorry :P)...
I have no desire on that cause i own a ASUS prime, but if i could upgrade this would be it.
But price should stay about $399 to even get attention... My 2cents

422.10.2012 14:43

BTW if is a Nexus, shouldn't expect expansion memory. Thats an apple thing they are bringing to Android. I know, its stuppid!

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