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Amazon still the most satisfying website to use for online shopping

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Dec 2012 17:53 User comments (5)

Amazon still the most satisfying website to use for online shopping According to a recent survey, Amazon remains the best website for online shopping.
On the opposite end, "flash" sale sites Gilt and RueLaLa scored the worst in satisfaction, while JC Penney saw the biggest drop of any retailer that also has brick-and-mortar stores.

The survey was the annual ForeSee's Holiday E-Retail Satisfaction Index. "The importance of satisfying them and giving a great consumer experience is going to pay back huge dividends in terms of profitability for these retailers," added Larry Freed, president and CEO of ForeSee.

Amazon kept its crown for the eight straight year, with an 88 out of 100 rating. LLBean came in second, at 85/100. On the low end was Gilt at 72. JC Penney fell from 83 to 78 year-over-year.

Notably, Apple fell again, to 80 from 83, while computer maker Dell fell to 77 from 80. Freed says Apple's site has become harder to navigate as continues to increase its product line, and I'm sure there are little who would not agree.

ForeSee's latest 2012 report "was based on more than 24,000 surveys collected from visitors to websites of the 100 largest online retailers from Thanksgiving to Christmas," says the company.

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5 user comments

127.12.2012 21:05

Amazon simply rocks.

I purchased some stuff from a company by way of Amazon. The stuff was defective, contacted the manufacture and they told me to return it to the place if purchase. It was two months after I bought it, but the manufacture had a 1 year 100% guarantee if not 100% satisfied for *any* reason... Had to use Amazon's A to Z Claim dispute system. They reviewed everything and told the company to issue me a refund immediately without any more delay or hassles. The company refused, saying i was past their 1 month all sales final no refund period saying tough luck for me... On the e-mail from the company, Amazon was CC'ed. I was about to reply but Amazon beat me to it. I was a little surprised because i'm on e-mail all day long and respond usually very quickly, simply surprised Amazon got to it before me :) Amazon simply said you will issue a refund or you will not be allowed to sell on Amazon any more until you settle this problem and issue a refund.

From here forward I don't purchase anything with out first checking on Amazon if I can it through them... I'll gladly pay a little more going through Amazon for this peace of mind....

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227.12.2012 23:40

I love the support amazon provides. They have even done research for me when I was comparing product warranties by contacting other companies so I didn't have to. I always feel safest purchasing from Amazon as well.

Although I recently decided JC Penney was my favorite store after I purchased a ton of clothes from them this year for super cheap. $12 shorts, $5 shirts, $12 pants. No opinion on their online shopping though, seems easy enough to navigate for me.

327.12.2012 23:58

No doubt that Amazon has a high success rate and high customer satisfaction.

It is a lot cleaner than other sites, namely ebay.

428.12.2012 8:49

I love Amazon...if they don't have something, they generally have someone else who does built right into their site. Got a nice pure sine wave inverter for less than the cost of a modified sine wave unit at retail...not exactly something "normal" but they still had about 10,000 options!

Still, they could do a lot to improve their search, at least for some items. Ever try buying PC parts from them? Do yourself a favor...go to Newegg and search there, then just punch the part number into Amazon to avoid their terrible search. PC cases are the only notable exception...Amazon has a lot more cases, and their PC case search is the worst I have ever seen, so there is no good way I know of to find the one you want on Amazon.

They are also still rather lacking in some areas...Not that I'm asking them to become a monopoly that crushes all other online stores, but it does seem a bit odd that I still actually NEED to buy so many things from DigiKey and Mouser. more "props" to Amazon...THEY DON'T ACCEPT PAYPAL, AND PAYPAL CAN SUCK IT!!!

528.12.2012 12:57

I try to avoid paypal too. This christmas I found a gift while browsing on Amazon and then decided to search google and found it for 63% of the price on Amazon and it wasn't cheap either so it made a big difference.

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