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Netflix adds 3D, for some ISPs

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 09 Jan 2013 2:07 User comments (1)

Netflix adds 3D, for some ISPs Netflix has added 3D movies to its streaming catalog, but only if your ISP uses Netflix's own Open Connect CDN.
Additionally, the company has added "Super HD," a higher quality 1080p stream with better picture than current streams.

You can check whether your ISP is using Open Connect here, and Netflix suggests that if they are not you should send them an email or call and request it.

On the 3D side, most customers will not be missing much. There were just over 30 titles added this week, including some nature and Red Bull extreme sports films. Super HD is available to PS3, Roku, Wii U, Windows 8 and some Samsung or Sony Blu-ray players and Smart TVs. Netflix is aiming to have its entire catalog available in Super HD in the next month or two.

To be able to play streams in Super HD, you will need a connection of at least 7 Mbps.

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1 user comment

112.1.2013 17:47

Interesting. However, Netflix's site says 5 Mbps. Not that they ever utilize any connection fully. My 5 Mb connection never sees more than 80 - 85% of the bandwidth capability(Sometimes even less). Essentially, I'm betting netflix leaves a little room for flexibility (less chance for buffering issues).

No doubt it depends on what is being streamed, and how much traffic hit netflix is incurring.

Frankly 7 Mbps is more than likely recommended anyhow. But, my 5 Mb connection serves me quite nicely. I've seen HD streams that looked plenty agreeable.

To delete, or not to delete. THAT is the question!

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