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Android 4.x finally surpasses Gingerbread in OS share

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 09 Mar 2013 8:25 User comments (4)

Android 4.x finally surpasses Gingerbread in OS share It has taken quite some time, but Android 4.x has finally surpassed Google's ancient Android 2.3 Gingerbread in OS share.
Android 4.0.x is on 28.6 percent of devices, Android 4.1.x is on 14.9 percent of devices, and the more recent Android 4.2 remains relatively unloved (outside of Nexus devices) on 1.6 percent of devices. Altogether the operating systems account for a 45.1 percent share, beating out Gingerbread which remains on 44.1 percent.

Somewhat shockingly, operating systems released before Gingerbread still account for 9.6 percent share, despite their firmware being released as far back as 2009.

As can be implied, fragmentation remains a large problem for Android, as carriers often take extended periods to send updates since they require testing and (usually) carrier-based bloatware to be added.

Check the figures here: Google Devs

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4 user comments

19.3.2013 11:12

about time

29.3.2013 12:45

fragmentation is not a problem. this is a myth propagated by morons. if you want a newer phone really cheap, like free cheap, you are most likely not going to get 4.2.2. That isn't bad. gingerbread had flaws but those phones still work and are now outside the two year agreement so why upgrade if you don't want the extended contract. That said i rock a nexus

Buy the ticket, take the ride. -H.S.T.

39.3.2013 16:33

I will keep getting a nexus solves the problem with no work on my part.

410.3.2013 4:32

I have to say I am loving my Nexus 7.

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