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Android market share now up to 81.3 percent worldwide

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 01 Nov 2013 0:34 User comments (3)

Android market share now up to 81.3 percent worldwide According to Strategy Analytics, Android remains the king of the smartphone.
Global smartphone shipments jumped to 251.4 million units in the Q3 2013, up from 172.8 million year-over-year.

Android remains king, with 81.3 percent global share, followed by Apple at 13.4 percent and Windows Phone taking third at 4.1 percent. The growth for Android and Windows Phone was at the expense of iOS and BlackBerry. Apple saw strong growth, but fell from 15.6 percent share in the Q3 2012. BlackBerry just about fell off the map entirely, and now has 1 percent share. Windows Phone shipments doubled year-over-year.

iOS will continue to lose share as it has no presence in the low end market dominated by developing nations in Europe and Asia, says Strategy. Nokia, especially, has made a concentrated effort to create nice, cheap devices to fill that niche.

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3 user comments

11.11.2013 17:57

but yet devs continue to puttheir stuff in the Apple market first or exclusive. <shakes his head>

22.11.2013 15:37

Androids problem is fragmentation. App developers are not concerned with number of devices sold but more which devices raise the most revenue.

Apple typically make their new iOS as backwards compatible as possible and there is no customisation from service providers so the new OS hits more devices sooner. Don't get me wrong I don't think this is to benefit the users as Apple would have us believe but it keeps more people on a single platform which makes it less complex for developers when considering different flavours of OS development.

Apple's App Store earns $5.1 million revenue each day compared to Google's Google Play earning $1.1 million a day (as of July 2013) even though their market share is more than 4 times that of Apple's. This is why developers target Apple devices, because like Apple they just want to earn their money.

For Google to catch up they need to 'Close' their OS a little and this goes against everything Android stands for, so their will always be fragmentation, Dev's will always go for what will make them the most money.

I suspect their is also an element of some Android handsets are so cheap they are almost disposable, this means there is likely more Android devices in draws than Apple.

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32.11.2013 15:38

Originally posted by EEE31:
but yet devs continue to puttheir stuff in the Apple market first or exclusive. <shakes his head>
That never seems to surprise me as to how stupid they can be...

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