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Next Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to have 300 ppi screen?

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 25 Nov 2013 19:50

Next Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to have 300 ppi screen? According to sources, Amazon is preparing a new Kindle White for release in the Q2 2014, one that includes a high-end 300 ppi display.
Besides the upgraded display, the e-reader will also move to matte glass instead of plastic and the front screen will be "flush with the edges of the device, rather than recessed."

Current model Paperwhite have a 212 ppi screen but others in the market, such as the Kobo Aura HD, have higher pixel density at similar prices. E Ink, the company which manufactures the Pearl E Ink, is said to have drawn the ire of Amazon after the Aura HD hit retail shelves with a 265 ppi display.

Outside of the display, there is not expected to be any other updates to the Kindle software except that it will be upscaled properly for the new pixel density. Additionally, Amazon will be working on a custom-built font that is supposedly better for reading.

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