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Xbox One live gameplay streaming still has no ETA

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 12 Jan 2014 18:12 User comments (3)

Xbox One live gameplay streaming still has no ETA Before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft promised one killer feature it could not deliver: live gameplay streaming via
It appears there is still no ETA for the launch of the feature, at least according to Twitch.

Microsoft has not given any update, so Twitch says the launch could be in "a few more months."

What is the reason for the extended delay? It remains unclear, but one theory is that Microsoft does not yet know how to deal with potentially offensive or sexual video. On the PlayStation 4, which did launch with Twitch, gamers using the augmented reality demo The Playroom filmed themselves having sex and the service was subsequently banned from being used with that game.

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3 user comments

113.1.2014 10:29

So the only company who forces it's camera on all it's buyers is the only company which can't get it working correctly?

213.1.2014 15:18

I think the camera works perfectly fine, the problem is how to filter what users are going to stream. Sony had this, and since had a couple filming them having sex, a husband undressing his wife, and other such incidents. Micro$oft would be responsible for providing the network that would allow a child seeing any such images.

So basically this is not a technology or capability issue, it is more of how do they not get into a legal snafu?

313.1.2014 16:34

Ah ok, I see what you're saying.

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