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An iPhone 6 photo rumored to be from Foxconn and 3D renders emerge

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 31 Mar 2014 19:00 User comments (4)

An iPhone 6 photo rumored to be from Foxconn and 3D renders emerge A Weibo user has posted a photo alleging to be the iPhone 6, directly from manufacturer Foxconn.
The caption of the photo said "These are the pictures of the real iPhone 6 which were taken at Foxconn."

Although there is always the chance that the photos are faked, the images do appear to fit within expectations for the new flagship device.

Using the schematics, Nowhereelse put together 3D renders of the device, which is rounder, thinner and larger. The schematics point to two new devices, one at 4.7 inches and one at 5.7 inches, well in the phablet range and huge compared to current model iPhones.

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4 user comments

131.3.2014 20:58

Im not really an apple fan but if that design is true that will be one of the hottest phone of the year. I looks gorgeous in my opinion, if only it ran android smh. Only time will tell now.

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22.4.2014 19:20

Thinner AND lighter!

But agree that it looks nice.

34.4.2014 11:25

erm.. it's thinner and bigger but I don't like it. What happens if you have it in your back pocket and you sit down? Would it snap?. It also looks like the screen goes right up to the edge so won't that make it really difficult to hold without accidently touching the screen?

417.4.2014 22:15

Looks so much like a Samsung. Now is their chance to sue!

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