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PSA: If AT&T 'crammed' you, your deadline for getting a refund is tomorrow

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 30 Apr 2015 16:02

PSA: If AT&T 'crammed' you, your deadline for getting a refund is tomorrow Earlier this year, AT&T settled with the U.S. FTC over "cramming," a practice in which the carrier allowed third-parties to charge customers for services without their knowledge and then hiding the charges deep in the billing statement.
AT&T will pay $105 million to the FTC to settle the charges, and any subscriber to the wireless carrier needs to complete the paperwork for a refund by tomorrow.

Many of the unwanted charges were as expensive as $9.99 per month, and included services that provided daily horoscope text messages or 30 second ringtones. The charges would then show up on your bill under the banner of AT&T monthly service charges, thus making them easy to miss.

More shockingly, the FTC charged that AT&T kept 35 percent of the revenue brought in from cramming, which amounted to tens of millions of dollars per year.

If you think you may be eligible, call 877-819-9692. If you know you are eligible, you can submit for the refund here: FTC. Because the government is handling the refund, you can expect your refund within the next nine months.

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