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Facebook says goodbye to Flash

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 21 Dec 2015 11:08 User comments (1)

Facebook says goodbye to Flash

Facebook has hit another nail into the coffin of Adobe's much-maligned Flash by switching to HTML5 for all Facebook web video.
Any video you upload or publish or view via the browser will be in HTML5 and not Flash, just like Facebook's current mobile and app experiences.

Daniel Baulig, engineer at Facebook, said: "Not only did launching the HTML5 video player make development easier, but it also improved the video experience for people on Facebook. Videos now start playing faster. People like, comment, and share more on videos after the switch, and users have been reporting fewer bugs. People appear to be spending more time with video because of it."

For the time being, Facebook will continue to support Flash-based games, but that seems to be the only support it will get moving forward.


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1 user comment

122.12.2015 13:28

It's about frakking time!!!

I nixed Flash 4 months ago. NEVER use on 'main' computer.

Flash, Java and sadly now Silverlight are the work of the Devil!

Progs like those are the definition of carelessness.

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