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U.S. iPhone users spent $35 on apps, games last year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 28 Mar 2016 10:01 User comments (1)

U.S. iPhone users spent $35 on apps, games last year According to a new research report from Sensor Tower, the average U.S. iPhone user spent $35 on apps and games in 2015.
71 percent of that spending went towards games, at $25 per person, followed by music at just $3.40 per person. The rest of the top five included social networking, entertainment and lifestyle apps, at just $1.80, $1, and $0.40 cents spent. The rest of the figure went towards all other apps, although nothing really stood out.

In total, U.S. iPhone consumers downloaded 10.5 games per active iPhone, and users also downloaded an average of 3.4 photo and video apps.


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129.3.2016 17:10

Hard to believe but I wonder exactly what percentage of these belong to those with little incomplete people (children)that relentlessly buy everything without their parent's permission then get refunded.


I stand corrected. My best friend just told me he's addicted to Mobile the tune of almost 400 bucks because he only buys the 99 dollar packages that keep him seriously engaged in this game. He's 44 and a Journeyman for the IBEW so where he gets the time to play is beyond me but it goes to show, these games attract peeps from ALL AGES amazingly.

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