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Three out of four Netflix customers would rather cancel than watch ads

Written by Matti Robinson @ 25 Jun 2016 2:05 User comments (7)

Three out of four Netflix customers would rather cancel than watch ads

For a long time Netflix was adamant on its pricing. No changes were made for a long time and everything seemed to be good. The markets obviously reacted and more expensive deals and original content meant that price increases, several of them in fact, were needed.
Fortunately for the customers the increase was not a radical one and for many I would argue the new content was worth every penny. However, it might not be all over yet, and there's been even rumors about advertisements.

Will Netflix adopt the Hulu strategy and show ads even for paying customers? Who knows, but if they indeed decide to do it, how will the customers react?

AllFlicks decided to do a poll on exactly that. Approximately 1200 Reddit users answered questions regarding ads on Netflix. The negativity towards ads was clear.

90 percent would rather see another price increase instead of ads. Most of them were at least a dollar or two and over 10 percent were willing to go over 4 dollars more.

The most shocking of the poll results, however, was that nearly three out of four answered that they would rather cancel the subscription than watch ads. That's 74 percent of the people who answered the poll. It's hard to say how many would actually act on it but it's safe to say that Netflix probably doesn't want to try their luck, unless it's the last option.

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7 user comments

125.6.2016 17:42

Crappy dumb service. There are many alternatives for free !

226.6.2016 03:41

I am a satisfied customer but would drop them in a heart beat if they added commercials.

326.6.2016 13:09

To me it depends how it was implemented: if they did it in a way that wasn't inconvenient I wouldn't care, but to do it like that it'd have to be:

Before the show starts and/or after.
The option to skip it without opening a window to the ad.
Keep ads off the Main and Search screens as they can be annoying to navigate around.
No ads at all on kids content.

428.6.2016 03:18

This is the whole point we pay the subscription for and the fact that conventional TV is bad we purchase this service to bypass the crap.
I am in Australia and its only been here for a few years.
If this comes on board i mat switch to the other Aussie streaming services.

The fact that we have to vpn to get full content of Netflix is crap in itself but i am a good guy i wait for it to hit my Aussie account.

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529.6.2016 20:15

I'll dump Netflix the moment they start including ad's in their streaming video. As a society here in the U.S. were are constantly bombarded with ad's via TV, Radio, Magazines, Robocalls, Billboards, Smart Phone, Internet, Spam in our email.............enough!!

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630.6.2016 04:26

Put most simply, I refuse to pay for ads.

76.7.2016 06:40

A banner ad at the top of the menu screen won't bother me, but video ads before or during the programme and I would cancel.

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