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Kim Dotcom plans to relaunch Megaupload next year

Written by Andre Yoskowitz @ 12 Jul 2016 9:29

Kim Dotcom plans to relaunch Megaupload next year

Infamous MEGA owner Kim Dotcom says he plans to relaunch the original Megaupload cyberlocker in January 2017, following its 2012 shutdown by U.S. authorities.
At its peak, Megaupload accounted for over 20 percent of global Web traffic at any given time and had over 50 million users. The site was accused of linking to millions of unauthorized files including pirated movies, music and games and it drew the ire of U.S. authorities and content rights holders.

Perhaps most shocking of the announcement is the fact that Dotcom says all former users will get their accounts back, exactly five years after the site was raided and shut down. Dotcom was arrested but after five years the entrepreneur has still not faced a trial or jury. He has also been fighting to get back millions in assets that were frozen at the time of his arrest.

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