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Apple initiates a bounty program for bug hunters

Written by Matti Robinson @ 08 Aug 2016 1:05 User comments (2)

Apple initiates a bounty program for bug hunters

Apple has removed the encryption of the core components of its mobile operating system in the last iteration. This means that security researchers and other bug hunting specialists are now able to find problems within iOS 10 easier. Apple is now ready to recruit help outside the company to further iOS' security.
This approach has been further elevated by the fact that Apple is now offering fairly large bounties for people and companies that find bugs in their system, TechCrunch reports. The researchers have not only tools and means but now also a get rewarded with money for their efforts.

Many of the top tech companies have already offered bounty programs for some time. However, Apple will do this a little differently. Their bug bounty program is invite-only so you have to be invited to get rewarded by the plentiful bounties.

Apple's approach is a little bit different though. Unlike a lot of companies, Apple doesn't accept any and every bug report for the bounty program. They work with companies that have previously reported bugs to the company.

Bounties can be worth up to 200 000 dollars and in case the security researchers agree to donate the money to charity, Apple will double the amount. The bounty program will launch in September.

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2 user comments

111.8.2016 18:04

Great work Apple, even after adopting a bounty program you still manage to force blackhats to sell to the black/gray market if they want to make anything for the work they do.

212.8.2016 10:27

Funny but honestly how many hackers are going to report a bug that might be a huge benefit to them to steal data

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