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Samsung introduces smart phone without Internet connectivity

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 18 Apr 2018 5:54 User comments (1)

Samsung introduces smart phone without Internet connectivity

Samsung has released a weird, weird little phone. Company's latest smartphone doesn't have any form of Internet connectivity at all.
The phone, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro simply cannot be connected to the Net. It has decent 2600mAh battery, 1.5GB RAM and 16GB internal storage and decent 8Mpix camera (and 2Mpix front camera).

Oddity is aimed at Samsung's home market, Korea. Company targets elderly people with the product, trying to make the phone easier to grasp than most smart phones. Samsung also suggests that the phone could be perfect for students who want to avoid interruptions through social media and instant messaging.

Phone retails for appx 150 / $185, which seems bit steep for a phone without any form of online capabilities. But there's a unique option there, too: Samsung promises to give full refund to those who purchase a more expensive Samsung phone after the school year in Korea ends.

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1 user comment

120.4.2018 08:40

Given the way Samsung normally acts, I get the idea that someone over there was given an iPhone with no data plan and they decided to copy that 'feature' just as they copied so many other iPhone 'features' that no one wanted.

I suspect this will sort of blow up in their faces; people are going to buy these on contract and then they are going to be mad when their $185 purchase didn't get them the features of a $100 phone...and their only option is to buy a $800 phone with a $185 discount or to buy some other brand for $100 and never go back to samsung products.

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