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Here's how to block calls on both Android and iPhone

Written by Matti Robinson @ 15 Dec 2018 10:07

Here's how to block calls on both Android and iPhone If you are targeted by a WhatsApp spammer or get numerous calls and/or texts from specific numbers, you might want to block the number. Fortunately on both Android and iOS (iPhone) it is a fairly easy task.
Let us walk you through.

Blocking calls and text messages on Android
Android smartphones come in all kinds of colors, sizes, and brands, which might make it a little bit harder to find exactly what you are looking for. With these tips you should, however, find the right setting in most of the Samsung Galaxy phones as well as several other manufacturers' devices.

Whether you want to block a number from your contacts or a previously unknown number, you should open up the Phone app. On the top right corner you should find the menu (three dots), click Settings (in some cases Contacts Manager).

In this menu you should find an option called Blocked numbers which should have a list of your currently blocked numbers, and an option to add a new number to the list.

After the number is added to the list, you should no longer receive either texts or calls from that number.

Blocking calls and text messages on iPhone
On all the iPhones, no matter the generation, the blocking of numbers is done in the same fashion. If you have already received a call or a text message from the number you want to block, open the Phone app (or Messages) and select the number to block from Recents list.

Press the circled i next to the number and scroll down. You'll find an option to Block this Caller.

You'll find blocked numbers list from Settings app and selecting Phone->Blocked. You can also add new blocked numbers (and remove current ones) from this view.

Blocking numbers with 3rd party apps
Even though blocking numbers is a basic function of a smartphone, you can also use third party software to do the job. There are apps for both iPhone and Android that can be used for free, including TrueCaller (Android | iPhone) and Mr. Number (Android | iPhone).

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