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Apple reassigns 200 self-driving car workers to other jobs

Written by Matti Robinson @ 24 Jan 2019 12:38

Apple reassigns 200 self-driving car workers to other jobs

Apple has been working on self-driving cars for who knows how long now. They admitted that they're working on self-driving car tech over two years ago, but now there seems to be a setback.
According to CNBC, and confirmed by Apple, the tech giant has dismissed a significant portion of its employees from Project Titan. More than 200 employees no longer work for the secretive self-driving initiative inside Apple.

According to Apple these employees have been reassigned to other duties in other machine learning efforts that need the manpower. Even though 200 employees is indeed a substantial amount of workforce, it doesn't mean that Project Titan is dead.

Apple says they still "believe there is a huge opportunity with autonomous systems" and that Apple can be part of it.

Recent reports have uncovered that Apple is slowing down hiring, likely due to lower than expected iPhone sales.

Project Titan is lead by Apple veteran Bob Mansfield as well as former Tesla boss Doug Field who was recruited last fall. No changes to leading positions inside Project Titan have been reported.

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