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Netflix the top streaming service in each country of a survey, except for Finland

Written by Matti Robinson @ 24 Jan 2019 1:06

Netflix the top streaming service in each country of a survey, except for Finland

Netflix has become the Kleenex of streaming services, its rise to world domination has been swift and its recognized as the leading video streaming service all around the world.
Well, except in Finland.

You might know Finland as the country that doesn't exist, or the birth place of AfterDawn, but it happens to also be the one country that doesn't, yet, bow entirely to Netflix.

AudienceProject has gathered some interesting statistics about streaming services around the world. According to their data Netflix has managed to get themselves the top spot in each country surveyed, except for that one Nordic blind spot.

The top spot in Finland is taken by Yle Areena, a streaming service provided by the taxpayer and the national broadcasting company Yle. Public broadcasters' services do well all around but only in Finland is it able to beat Netflix.

56% of surveyed Finns watch Netflix weekly, compared to 57% in Germany, 67% in Denmark, 70% in Sweden, 70% in UK, 76% in Norway, and 79% in the United States. Yle Areena scored 65%.

Netflix popularity is trending upwards in all countries.

AudienceProject also measured how people would react to ads being introduced to Netflix. Majority in every country said they would stop watching Netflix is ads were introduces with no price changes.

Even with a lower pricing but with ads in each case over a third would cancel Netflix.

You can read more about the study here.

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