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Initiative to ban 5G networks is being pushed forward

Written by Petteri Pyyny @ 12 Mar 2019 2:19

Initiative to ban 5G networks is being pushed forward

In Finland, a petition to ban 5G networks completely is pushing forward. The reason for such petition? Electromagnetic radiation. Or actually the fears of electromagnetic radiation.
For as long as various radio equipment have existed, there have been people who claim to get ill due electromagnetic radiation. Despite all the scientific studies debunking such claims, the claims persist - and tend to strengthen every time a new radio frequency is being taken into use. In this case, Finland already operates handful of 5G networks in 3.5GHz radio frequency and operators plan to roll out networks nationwide within next year or two.

People behind the petition are concerned about the new frequency and also about the fact that 5G networks require much more network towers than the previous 3G and 4G networks, as the coverage area of one cell tower is smaller in 5G networks.

For initiative to be Legally binding and to force the national parliament to officially consider the merits of the petition, it requires 50,000 people to sign the petition. So far, the petition has appx. 2,000 signatures. Finland has population of appx. 5.5 million.

The petition is based on Finnish law of citizen initiative that has managed to change handful of laws already. The official "ban the 5G networks" initiative can be found here (in Finnish).

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