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Here's what's new on the freshly announced iOS 13

Written by Matti Robinson @ 05 Jun 2019 12:12

Here's what's new on the freshly announced iOS 13 Apple's this years WWDC is now behind us with all it's impressive, or less impressive, product launches and fresh updates.
One of the most anticipated was of course the new version of iOS. Apple's mobile operating system was updated to version 13, and it bring a few very welcome new features.

Clearly one of the top features is the new dark mode, which finally turns the entire OS into a darker version of itself. This was already leaked a few days ahead the official announcement of course.

Dark mode is of course good for your eyes in the dark, but it also has battery saving qualities on OLED screens. OLED screens can be found on iPhone X and iPhone XS for example.

Many of the other new features in iOS 13 have to do with performance. Apple has continued the theme of iOS 12, improving performance, to the most current update. This time around app packaging has been improved, making them 50% smaller. Also updates are said to be more efficiently packed and they are an average of 60 percent smaller.

Not only are you saving space and download time, you'll see a performance improvement in app start times. According to Apple you can expect as much as twice faster loading speeds.

One of the more exciting new features for iOS is definitely Sign in with Apple. This features lets you share your email address with third parties without actually revealing your personal email address.

A solution like the ones Google and Facebook has, but this one won't share your actual email address with anymore. Instead Apple essentially gives you a new email address that it redirects the traffic to your actual one.

One of the most improved apps must be Photos. Photos now shows moments instead of grid of photos, and it features simpler editing tools that are now available for both photos and videos.

Another major update was made to Apple Maps, which supports now Google Street View -like Look Around mode.

For people that were looking for sillier new features within iOS 13, worry not. Memoji editing is now a thing, and it lets you customize your Memoji with accessories like earrings, hats, etc. Also, Apple launched Memoji-based stickers.

There's a lot there, but we only covered some of the new things. There's also rich formatting within Mail app, better Portrait photos, security camera support in HomeKit, improved Siri, swipe-to-type keyboard, revamped Reminders app, updated CarPlay and much more.

Developers get the update immediately, and July Apple is going to release iOS 13 to public beta testing. Official stable release is slated for fall.

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