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Google has shipped Android 10, check your Pixel

Written by Matti Robinson @ 04 Sep 2019 11:22

Google has shipped Android 10, check your Pixel

Google's latest and greatest mobile operating system iteration has finally launched. New Pixel phones are yet to be released, we don't even know the release date yet, but at least we've got the Android 10.
Android 10 is of course the official name of the new version of Android, Google's mobile operating system, that no longer has a dessert-based alias.

The update is now shipping for Google's own Pixel phones first, and is probably quickly followed by manufacturers like Nokia, OnePlus, and perhaps Motorola that have been usually keen on releasing updates quickly.

However, you might have to wait for at least weeks if not months for your preferred phone, and if yours isn't fairly recent purchase you might not get the update at all.

If you own a Pixel phone, no matter which generation, you'll get the update right now among the first.

Perhaps the most sought after new feature of Android 10 is the new Dark Mode. Not only is easy on your eyes but on devices with OLED displays it's also easy on the battery.

You can also expect improvements to notifications, gesture navigation, privacy and security, as well as new features like Focus Mode for better digital well-being and Live Captioning for improved accessibility.

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