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MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1355 Beta 2

Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP
MediaMonkey is an easy-to-use music manager / media jukebox for music collectors.

It catalogs CDs, OGG, WMA, APE, MPC, and MP3 files, and looks up track data via Freedb and the web. It includes a tag editor & file renamer to organize your music library, a CD ripper & audio converter to save music, and a playlist editor to create music mixes. Plus, it levels volume, supports Winamp plugins, burns CDs via Nero, and synchs with portable audio devices.


MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1282 RC 2 MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1283 Internal Build MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1283 Internal Build MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1283 Internal Build

mediamonkey monkey media cd ogg wma ape

License type Freeware1
Author's homepage Visit the author's site
Date added 10 Oct 2017
Downloads 37,469
File size 14.49 MB (< 2min @ 1Mbps)
Operating systems Vista / Win10 / Win2k / Win7 / Win8 / WinXP1

1License and operating system information is based on latest version of the software.

10 Oct 2017MediaMonkey v4.1.18.1853(Latest stable version)
30 Sep 2017MediaMonkey v4.1.18.1852
02 Jun 2016MediaMonkey v4.1.12.1798
06 Oct 2015MediaMonkey v4.1.9.1764
23 Sep 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.5.1714 Beta
28 Aug 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.5.1710 Beta
19 Aug 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.4.1709
26 Jul 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.3.1708
03 Apr 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.1.1703
05 Feb 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1692
03 Feb 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1691
25 Jan 2014MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1690 RC
05 Nov 2013MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1669 Beta
13 Oct 2013MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1664 beta
26 Sep 2013MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1661 Beta
17 Sep 2013MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1658 Beta
01 Sep 2013MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1656 Beta
04 Dec 2012MediaMonkey v4.1.0.1609 Beta
14 Nov 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.7.1511
13 Nov 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.7.1511 RC
12 Jul 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.6.1501
07 Jun 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.5.1496
01 Jun 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.5.1494 RC
21 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1476 RC
17 Feb 2012MediaMonkey RC
14 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1473 RC
11 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1472 Beta
10 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1471 RC 3
04 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1470 Beta
02 Feb 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1468 RC 2
31 Jan 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.3.1466 Beta
04 Jan 2012MediaMonkey v4.0.2.1462
20 Dec 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.1.1461
07 Dec 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.1.1460 Beta
20 Nov 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1459
08 Nov 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1456 RC 4
02 Nov 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1452 RC 2
31 Oct 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1451 Developer Build
19 Oct 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1447 Developer Build
18 Oct 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1446 Developer Build
06 Oct 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1441 Developer Build
04 Oct 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1440 Developer Build
29 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1439 Developer Build
28 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1438 Developer Build
24 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1436 Developer Build
23 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1435 Developer Build
22 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1434 Developer Build
20 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1433 Developer Build
14 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1432 Developer Build
13 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1431 Developer Build
08 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1428 Developer Build
01 Sep 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1426 Developer Build
28 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1424 Developer Build
25 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1423 Developer Build
18 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1420 Developer Build
16 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1419 Developer Build
15 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1418 Developer Build
10 Aug 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1415 Developer Build
27 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1413 Developer Build
16 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1408 Developer Build
14 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1407 Developer Build
13 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1406 Developer Build
12 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1405 Developer Build
10 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1404 Developer Build
08 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1403 Developer Build
07 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1402 Developer Build
06 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1401 Developer Build
02 Jul 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1399 Developer Build
29 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1398 Developer Build
28 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1397 Developer Build
24 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1396 Developer Build
23 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1395 Developer Build
22 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1394 Developer Build
21 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1393 Developer Build
17 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1392 Developer Build
16 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1391 Developer Build
15 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1390 Developer Build
14 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1389 Beta 4
13 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1388 Developer Build
08 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1385 Developer Build
06 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1384 Developer Build
03 Jun 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1383 Developer Build
30 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1381 Beta 3
26 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1380 Developer Build
25 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1379 Developer Build
22 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1378 Developer Build
20 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1377 Developer Build
04 May 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1369 Developer Build
25 Apr 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1367 Developer Build
18 Apr 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1364 Developer Build
10 Apr 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1363 Developer Build
02 Apr 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1359 Developer Build
26 Mar 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1358 Developer build
24 Mar 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1357 Developer build
17 Mar 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1355 Beta 2
13 Mar 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1353 Developer build
02 Mar 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1351 Developer build
22 Feb 2011MediaMonkey v4.0.0.1350 Developer build
24 Nov 2010MediaMonkey v3.2.4.1304
16 Nov 2010MediaMonkey v3.2.3.1303
14 Nov 2010MediaMonkey v3.2.3.1301 Beta 1
30 Aug 2010MediaMonkey v1.2.2.1300 Beta
01 Aug 2010MediaMonkey v3.2.2.1298
02 Jul 2010MediaMonkey v3.2.1.1297
19 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.2.0.1294
17 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.2.0.1293 RC 3
13 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.2.0.1292 Test Build
12 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.2.0.1290 Test Build
10 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.2.0.1288 Test Build
07 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1287 Test Build
06 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1286 Test Build
05 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1285 Test Build
04 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1284 Test Build
03 Nov 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1283 Internal Build
31 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1282 RC 2
30 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1281 Internal Build
28 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1280 Internal Build
27 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1279 RC 1
25 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1277 Internal Build
21 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1276 Internal Build
18 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1275 Beta 3
17 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1274 Internal Build
15 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1273 Internal Build
11 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1272 Internal Build
06 Oct 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1271 Internal Build
28 Sep 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1269 Internal Build
18 Sep 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1267 Beta 2
13 Sep 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.2.1266 Beta 1
30 Aug 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.1.1261
22 Aug 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.1.1259 RC
12 Jun 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1256
12 Jun 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1255 Beta
08 Jun 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1251 Beta
03 Jun 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1250 Beta
29 May 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1249 Beta
24 May 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1248 Beta
18 May 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1247 RC 2
08 May 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1244 Beta
02 May 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1242 Beta
25 Apr 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1240 Beta
15 Apr 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1236 Beta
09 Apr 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1235 RC 1
04 Apr 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1232 Beta
23 Mar 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1228 Beta
17 Mar 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1227 Beta
05 Mar 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1225 Beta
21 Feb 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1224 Beta
14 Feb 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1223 Beta
10 Feb 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1222 Beta
03 Feb 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1221 Beta
28 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1219 Internal Build
23 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1218 Beta
22 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1217 Beta
21 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1216 Beta
20 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1215 Internal Build
14 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1213 Internal Build
13 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1212 Internal Build
08 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1209 Internal Build
06 Jan 2009MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1208 Internal Build
21 Dec 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1204 Beta 1
18 Dec 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1203 Beta
11 Dec 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1202 Beta
06 Dec 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1201 Beta
02 Dec 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1198 Beta
28 Nov 2008MediaMonkey v3.1.0.1196 Beta
02 Nov 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.6.1190
24 Oct 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.6.1190 RC2
17 Oct 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.6.1189 RC1
15 Oct 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.6.1188 Beta
09 Oct 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.5.1187
31 Aug 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.4.1185
19 Jun 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1183
06 Jun 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1183 RC 9
29 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1179 (test build)
23 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1177 (test build)
19 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1175 RC 8
15 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1173 RC 7
09 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1170 RC6
04 May 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1165 RC 5
26 Apr 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1164 RC 4
19 Apr 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1162 RC 3
15 Apr 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1159 RC 2
05 Apr 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1155 RC 1
26 Mar 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1148 Beta 3
23 Mar 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1147 Beta 2
18 Feb 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1140 Beta 1
30 Jan 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.2.1134
26 Jan 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.2 RC1
23 Jan 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.2.1131 Beta
08 Jan 2008MediaMonkey v3.0.2.1129 Bugfix Release Beta 1
25 Dec 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.1.1127
23 Dec 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.1.1124 RC 6
17 Dec 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.1.1120 RC 5
10 Dec 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.1.1116 RC 4
27 Nov 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.1.1109 RC 3
14 Nov 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1105 RC 2
01 Nov 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1098 RC 1
29 Oct 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1097 RC 1
17 Oct 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1091 Beta 4 (Minor update)
15 Oct 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1089 Beta 4
27 Sep 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1081 Beta 3
13 Sep 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1074 Beta 2
07 Sep 2007MediaMonkey v3.0.0.1069 Beta 1
28 Feb 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.998
19 Feb 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.997 Beta
28 Jan 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.996
22 Jan 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.994 RC7
14 Jan 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.992 RC6
08 Jan 2007MediaMonkey v2.5.5.991 RC5
27 Dec 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.5.990 RC4
24 Dec 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.5.988 RC4
06 Dec 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.5.985 RC3
16 Nov 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.5.983 RC2
27 Oct 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.5.980 RC1
06 Dec 2006MediaMonkey v2.5.4
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MediaMonkey v3.2.4.1304

MM is truly excellent at playing back every file format (mine library is mostly MP4/MP3/FLAC-APE) with support for many addons to increase the already impressive functionality available - its so simple Ive stuck with them for years! For my own CDs I rip using EAC in FLAC format (perfect quality) and manage music using MM. If you rip CDs with MM you can use Auto-Tag from web (ALT+L) to automatically name your tracks with covers & information.

I love listening to my music library (cheap £500 10TB microserver) on continuous shuffle when Im back from a hard days work, it manages huge libraries effortless and plays music back instantly. My existing playlist is currently 6000-songs strong and counting.

FYI I use MM Gold. Tip for iPods, etc, you can configure non-compatible formats on the fly but make sure you manually choose stereo (Options> Portable/Audio Devices) as otherwise it will default to the lesser joint-stereo - worth sticking to 320kbps mp3 for connecting to car systems.
I make sure MM uses my SB Audigy soundcard for hardware acceleration and its crystal clear with no stuttering, even on 4500kbps 24bit/192KHz FLACs.

MediaMonkey v3.0.3.1183

Other thing I like about MM is you can pick and choose and send to player directly. No syncing.

MediaMonkey v2.5.5.998

Easy to use, and does a great job managing my music library. I wanted a simple software which would allow me to set up a party music library, and Media Monkey is simple to use, and does a great job. A must have.

MediaMonkey v2.5.5.996

Media Monkey rules, most players canít handle big libraries and even if they can it takes forever for them to build a library list. I have a MP3/WMA Lossless library of over 300MBís and all but 60MBís is low quality MP3ís (ripped at 128 to 192) so there are tens of thousands of songs. Media Monkey had no problem what so ever with this and built a library list within about a half hour. One of the popular players Quintessential took most of the day to build a list.

Not only does it handle big play lists but also has a very good normalizing function so that you donít have to be blown out of your seat one second and then putting in your hearing aid to hear the next song.

The skins that come with it are very nice but of course you can add to that if you wish.

Another nice feature is that you can add and manage your plugins easily so that you donít get stuck with a bad plugin or can change on the fly if so deemed.

Iím amazed at how many poor players exist and how few goods ones there are, this player rates 5 out of 5 in my opinion and Iíve played with quite a few.

MediaMonkey v2.5.4.974

If your looking for an iTunes/iPod syncing alternative this is it. MediaMonkey does it all. Syncs to a big library of mp3 players (incl. iPod) has visualazation support. Supports Winamp 2 plugins. Can rip and burn cd's. And retrieve song/artist info and cover art from the interface. And one of my favorite featurs it can convert your songs to a lower bitrate while syncing your mp3 player. So you can have all your songs saved as lossless files and then convert them to 128 kbps, 256 kbps, etc while syncing your decive. All in all MediaMonkey is the only piece of software anyone will ever need for their music collection.