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Version history for Folders Popup

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Changes for v5.1.1 - v5.2.2

  • Italian and French language updates
  • Fix an error in link for setup file in v5.2.1
  • New in release v5.2.1 (2015-11-15)
  • Windows 10 compatibility update:
  • update special folders initialization
  • adjust menu icons to Windows 10 icon files
  • shorten application description in executable file (used in Tray menus)
  • shorten notification tray tip texts for better display
  • disable beep on some Tray tips
  • fix bug with favorite application parameters, letting user enclose parameters with double-quotes only if required
  • German and French language updates
  • New in bug fix release v5.1.2 (2015-08-29)
  • Fix description label errors when changing a hotkey in Options, Other hotkeys“.
  • When the Explorer extension Clover is installed, support folder navigation in the current tab instead of opening a new tab.

Changes for v5.1 - v5.1.1

  • Fix a bug for FPconnect users preventing the middle-mouse-button click to be recognized by FPconnected file manager (see: FPconnect support page).
  • Improve group load error handling.

Changes for v5.0.1 - v5.1

  • New menu Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL… and shortcut Shift-Control-C to copy a location to the Clipboard.
  • This option opens the popup menu where you can choose what favorite’s location you want to transfer to the Clipboard.
  • A tip in the notification zone prompts you to select the favorite to copy.
  • A message in the notification zone confirms that the location has been copied to the Clipboard.
  • A new check box in Options (first tab) allow you to choose to display or not the Copy a Favorite’s Path or URL… menu.
  • Two new languages!
  • Addition of Spanish translation, thanks to Kiketrucker.
  • Addition of Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Igor Ruckert.
  • Various improvements
  • Expand the relative path (like ../folder/) in favorite locations, based on the current working directory.
  • Sort URLs in the Clipboard menu.
  • Enable keyboard shortcuts even if Current folders, Groups of Folders and Clipboard menus are disabled.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix a bug causing an error when trying to show icon in the Clipboard menu when icons were not allowed.
  • In Change hotkey dialog box, make the selection of no hotkey (None) more obvious.
  • Fix a bug when adding folders using the drag-and-drop technique, these favorites being wrongly created as application favorites.
  • Various minor display and under-the-hood improvements.

Changes for v4.3 - v5.0.1

  • Change default hotkeys for Current Folders (Shift-Control-F), Groups of Folders (Shift-Control-G), Recent Folders (Shift-Control-R), Clipboard (Shift-Control-C) and Settings (Shift-Control-S) for Windows 8.1 compatibility. Note that this will not change the hotkeys for users upgrading to this version; use the Reset default hotkey in the Change hotkey dialog box to use the new shortcuts.
  • Fix bug with special folders Pictures and Favorites (Internet) when user change these folders default location.
  • Add an Application favorite
  • Add an Application favorite
  • New in version 5.0
  • New Application favorite type allowing you to launch your frequently used programs or utilities with options for full control on application execution:
  • Parameters to pass to the application (arguments).
  • Start in to set application’s working directory.
  • See screen capture beside.
  • Clipboard submenu:
  • Submenu with folders, documents, applications path(s) and URLs found in the Clipboard.
  • Only existing folder, documents or application files are displayed in the submenu.
  • When the Clipboard does not contain path or URL, the previous submenu content is preserved.
  • When FP is launched, the Clipboard submenu is empty (disabled) as long as the Clipboard does not contain a path.
  • An option allows to determine if the Clipboard menu is shown (default is true).
  • Three new hotkeys to open special menus
  • Hotkey to open directly the Current folders menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-C).
  • Hotkey to open directly the Groups menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-G).
  • Hotkey to open directly the Clipboard menu
  • (by default Ctrl-Win-V).
  • Changed the Settings window shortcut to Ctrl-Win-S.
  • The Clipboard menu and the special menu shortcuts
  • The Clipboard menu and the special menu shortcuts
  • Redesigned Options dialog box
  • Redesign the Options dialog box splitting hotkeys settings in two tabs: one for popup menu hotkeys and the second for other hotkeys.
  • Review hotkeys language in Options (I hope this will make more clear the difference between “Middle mouse button” and “Shift-Middle mouse button”).
  • Check for beta version updates
  • Check for beta versions updates at startup if user enables the Check for update option.
  • Active only for users who ran a beta version previously.
  • Bug fix
  • Fix a bug from v4.2 when opening a special folder (Libraries, My Computer, etc.) from the Current Folders menu.

Changes for v4.2.4 - v4.3

  • Make the Settings window resizable and enable the Maximize button.
  • An option in Settings to determine if Settings window position and size are remembered.
  • Save Settings Gui size and position on quit.
  • Restore last Settings Gui size and position on load.
  • When saved maximized, at next launch restore the Settings window at default size and centered.
  • Prevent minimizing the settings window to avoid user forgetting to save settings.
  • Adjust hand mouse pointer when hover clickable controls.

Changes for v4.2.3 - v4.2.4

  • Fix a version number error in v4.2.3 breaking the update checking process.
  • Fix a bug with expanded environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) in favorite of type Special folders.

Changes for v4.2.2 - v4.2.3

  • Fix a bug with expanded environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) in favorite of type Special folders.

Changes for v4.2.1 - v4.2.2

  • Fix a bug with environment variables (%windir%, %appdata%, etc.) not being expanded when checking if target file exist.
  • Fix bug under XP during group load when an Explorer already contains the target folder, the existing Explorer is now activated and resized.
  • Fix bug with check for update URL on some browsers.

Changes for v4.2 - v4.2.1

  • Make FP compliant with Windows themes by adding a FP theme named “Windows” that keeps Windows theme’s colors (making FP display OK when user selects a dark Windows theme).
  • Making the FP theme “Windows” selected by default for new users.
  • Because of a side-effect in XL 2010, revert a patch in v4.2 to prevent double-click up/down buttons in Settings to overwrite the clipboard with the image URL (a Windows “undesired feature”).

Changes for v4.1 - v4.2

  • Hotkeys to manage favorites in Settings window:
  • Down: Select next favorite
  • Up: Select previous favorite
  • Ctrl-N: Add a new favorite
  • Enter: Edit favorite
  • Shift-Up/Down: Select contiguous favorites
  • Ctrl-Click: Select non-contiguous favorites
  • Ctrl-A: Select all favorites
  • Ctrl-Down: Move favorite(s) down
  • Ctrl-Up: Move favorite(s) up
  • Del: Remove favorite(s)
  • Ctrl-Right: Open submenu
  • Ctrl-Left: Open parent submenu
  • Multiple selection to manage a group of favorites in one step
  • Allow multiple selection of favorites to move them in the current list, move to other menu or remove them.
  • Up/Down arrow buttons and Ctrl-Up/Down hotkeys can move multiple favorites in the current list.
  • New Special Folders favorites type (the following changes do not apply to Windows XP users)
  • Build your own special folders menus from a list of more than 50 special folders, for example: Libraries, Recent items, Recycle Bin, Startup folder, History, Favorites, Quick Launch, Downloads, Cookies, Temporary files, etc.
  • A new customizable My Special Folders menu is automatically added as last item in your main menu (you can edit, move or even remove it, as you wish).
  • Special Folders are supported using Windows Explorer, Windows standard file dialog boxes, Directory Opus and Total Commander.
  • Universal File Managers Support
  • FPconnect is an universal file manager connector for Folders Popup from Roland Toth (
  • This Folders Popup addon allows integration of any file manager that supports commandline navigation. Thanks to tpr (Roland’s nickname).
  • Support on FPconnect is available on Roland’s blog.
  • More improvements…
  • Select the menu position of new favorite in the Add Favorite window, a great time saver!
  • Other minor improvements or bug fixes

Changes for v4.0.4 - v4.1

  • addition of Italian language, thanks to Riccardo Leone
  • redesign the Help and Options windows into three tabs to save height on small screens
  • change delays in group load
  • change default to “add to existing windows” when creating a new group of folders
  • solve icon issue with multi-column menus under Win XP, show icons only in first columns
  • add BETA support for file manager connector FPConnect

Changes for v4.0.3 - v4.0.4

  • Add a button in the Save this Group window to select or deselect all Explorer windows in the list.
  • You can now click on column headers in the Save this Group window to sort the list of Explorer windows according to the content of the clicked column.

Changes for v4.0.2 - v4.0.3

  • ##More robust group load and window move and resize.
  • ##Minor bugs related to Current Folders menu and Group of Folders menus.

Changes for v4.0 - v4.0.1

  • Fix bug with Recent shortcut opening in a new Explorer window instead of navigating in the correct window.
  • Fix bug properly exit group load loop when an error occurs within an iteration.

Changes for v3.3.1 - v4.0

  • New standard installation tool
  • New setup procedure with standard Install / Uninstall procedures using Inno Setup.
  • For previous Folders Popup users, the new setup tool will be able to retrieve your previous configuration if the Run at Startup option has been selected before the upgrade.
  • Folders Popup will continue to be also distributed in a zip file for portable installation.
  • Groups of folders
  • The Switch menu from v3 is replaced by two menus : Current Folders and Group of Folders.
  • The Current Folders menu allows to open one of the folders already open in an Explorer window.
  • Folders open in Windows Explorer and Directory Opus are detected (Total Command support will be possible as soon as the TC developer will have implement a new command making this integration possible).
  • The Groups of Folders menu allows to save and restore groups of folders.
  • Groups are restored re-creating each Explorer window at its pre-defined size and location.
  • Use the Save Current Folders as Group submenu to create a new group.
  • Custom favorite icons
  • Select your custom icons for favorite folders, URLs, documents and submenus.
  • Add/edit favorite icons in a new dialog box where you can pick icons in any .EXE, .DLL or .ICO file.
  • Various additions or improvements
  • The default Folders Popup hotkeys are changed to Windows-A and Shift-Windows-A (previous shortcut Windows-K is a reserved shortcut in Windows 8.1). Actual users configuration is not changed (you can keep or change your current hotkeys as you wish).
  • You can now add column breaks in popup menu offering another way to group your menu items (very cool!).
  • For tech support, sysadmin and other power users, the system environment variables like %appdata%, %public%, %temp% or %userprofile% are now supported in favorite location (for example: “%appdata%\Microsoft\Templates” will take you to the folder C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates).
  • The Downloads folder has been added to the Special Folders menu (not available under Windows XP).
  • Menu item added to the right-click Tray menu to open the FoldersPopup.ini file.
  • Option Open menu on taksbar added to determine if you want to open the popup menu over the taskbar (for compatibility with other utilities like 7+ Taskbar Tweaker).
  • Folders Popup now accepts space hotkey – this allows combinations with spacebar like Alt-Space.
  • Add an option to disable check for update at startup.
  • The 48 pixels has been added to the choice of icon sizes.
  • For Directory Opus users
  • Add the option Use tabs to choose to open new folders in new tab (new default) or in a new lister.
  • Folders open in new tab are open in the pane under the mouse click position.
  • Bug fixes
  • Fix a bug with labels when changing the hotkey for Recent folders menu and Settings windows.
  • Make the vertical bar (or pipe “|”) a reserved character in submenu or favorite name.
  • Fix a bug occurring in some situation when a favorite location contains a comma (also recently fixed in v3.3.1).

Changes for v3.3 - v3.3.1

  • Fix a bug occurring in some situation when a favorite location contains a comma.

Changes for v3.3 - v4.0 beta (v3.9.1)

  • New standard installation tool
  • New setup procedure with standard Install / Uninstall procedures using Inno Setup.
  • Folders Popup will continue to be also distributed in a zip file for portable installation.
  • The Run at startup shortcut is adapted to start in the working directory created by the new setup procedure (for example, C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\FoldersPopup) instead of the app’s directory.
  • Create a unique environment code (mutex) to allow Inno Setup to detect if FP is running before uninstall or update it.
  • Groups of folders
  • Change Switch menu label to Group of folders.
  • List folders open in Windows Explorer or Directory Opus.
  • Open in dialog boxes any folder listed in the Group of folders menu.
  • Save and restore groups of folders to FoldersPopup.ini file.
  • Support special folders (Desktop, My Computer, Recycle Bin, etc.) open in Explorer only.
  • Hotkeys
  • Changed default Folders Popup hotkeys Windows-K and Shift-Windows-K to Windows-A and Shift-Windows-A (Windows-K is a reserved shortcut in Windows 8.1).
  • Actual users config are not changed.
  • Fix a bug with labels when changing the hotkey for Recent folders menu and Settings windows
  • For Directory Opus users
  • Add the option Use tabs to choose to open new folders in new tab (new default) or in a new lister.

Changes for v3.2.2 - v3.3

  • For Total Commander (TC) users:
  • At start-up, Folders Popup prompts you to activate Total Commander support if the software is found on your system.
  • Change user favorite folders and recent folders in TC windows reliably and seamlessly.
  • Enable special folders menus (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.) in TC using built-in commands.
  • Use TC internal command to gather information reliably for the Add this folder menu.
  • A checkbox in Options let Total Commander users choose to open new folders (with Shift+Middle-Mouse) in a new tab or in a new window.
  • The Switch menu is not supported actually with TC and this menu is disabled the first time TC support is activated*. But the Switch menu can be re-activated in the Options (“Display Switch menu”) for TC users who also use Explorer windows.
  • * The Switch menu will be supported after a new command in Total Commander will allow to improve the integration in Folders Popup (work in progress).
  • For all users:
  • Addition of Swedish language, thanks to Åke Engelbrektson.
  • Fix a bug when user select a hotkey replacement for Middle-mouse button that involves a modifier key (e.g. Shift+Right-click).
  • Fix bug with icons on Windows Server (no menu icons on these servers).
  • Fix bug making new folders opening in Explorer instead of Directory Opus when called from the Tray left-click menu.
  • Change Directory Opus command to open a new lister to Go with NEW parameter.

Changes for v3.2.1 - v3.2.2

  • fix layout in options gui
  • remove support for MS Office 2003/2007 file dialog boxes
  • German language update

Changes for v3.1.3 - v3.2.1

  • For Directory Opus (DOpus) users:
  • At start-up, Folders Popup prompts you to activate DOpus support if the software is found on your system.
  • Change user folders and recent folders in DOpus listers reliably and seamlessly.
  • Enable special folders menus (My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Recycle Bin, etc.) in DOpus using built-in aliases.
  • The Switch Explorer menu combines in one menu the folders opened in Windows Explorer and listers in DOpus.
  • DOpus icons used for listers in the Switch Explorer menu.
  • The Switch in dialog box menu proposes to open any folder opened in Windows Explorer or listers in DOpus.
  • Using the DOpus system command DOpusRt to change the current folder and gather information reliably about listers for Switch Explorer or Add this folder menus.
  • Adapted support for special folders in DOpus (like search result windows). But no support for FTP folders at this time.
  • For all users:
  • Addition of the Korean language – thanks to Om Il-Sung (aka Dollnamul on my blog).
  • New option to show the popup menu near the mouse pointer, in the active window or at a fix position.
  • Prevent intermittent Windows bug showing an error message when building the Recent folders menu if an external drive has been removed.
  • Setting the Images and Recent folders special folders reading the Windows Registry to support Windows in any languages.
  • Fix a bug when showing special folders names in Switch menus.
  • Fix a bug when duplicate folders were found in Switch menus.
  • Prevent paths longer than 260 chars in Switch menus from causing an error.
  • Limit favorite menus name to 250 chars maximum in add/edit favorite dialog box.
  • Hopefully fix a bug causing submenus to display incorrectly at first popup menu display only.

Changes for v3.1.2 - v3.1.3

  • Bug fix: make all Special Folders menu items work when popup menu is activated from the tray icon.
  • Improve handling of folders including hash (aka Sharp / “#”) to work around bug in Shell.Application (see v1.2.6).
  • Fix a bug when navigating in a Shell window (CMD) to a folder path including AHK reserved chars (^!+#).

Changes for v3.1.1 - v3.1.2

  • Menu icons now compatible with Windows Vista
  • Stop building recent folders menu at startup (unnecessary since this menu is refreshed on demand)

Changes for v3.1 - v3.1.1

  • Fix a bug that created the diagnostic file even when diagnostic mode was off. Users of v3.1 can delete the file FoldersPopup-DIAG.txt.
  • Stop forcing the working directory to be the app’s directory. ##Note 1: Users can set the working directory of their choice by creating a Windows shortcut and setting the “Start in:” option.
  • Note 2: By default and when users enable the “Run at startup” option, the working directory is the app’s directory.

Changes for v2.2 - v2.2.1

  • Fix a bug when adding a folder to a submenu using drag and drop.
  • Add an incentive message about drag and drop at the bottom of the “Settings” window.

Changes for v2.1 - v2.2

  • Support drag and drop to add favorite folders (nice and easy!).
  • Make the cursor change to a hand when the mouse pointer is over buttons or clickable text in Settings dialog box.
  • Recent folders menu now shown in a detached menu, refreshed each time it is opened, with tool tip while refreshing.
  • Fix a bug with number of Recent folders hide/display in Settings, Options.
  • Fix layout bug in Edit folder dialog box.
  • Fix bug making Switch to Explorer opening a new window.
  • Replace PCAstuces review URL with Freewares & Tutos.

Changes for v2.0.3 - v2.1

  • Addition of Dutch translation, thanks to Pieter Dejonghe!
  • The Recent folders is now refreshed on-demand using the Refresh menu. This is done to keep the popup menu snappy regardless of the number of recent items to parse or the performance of the PC.
  • An option in Settings allows to choose the number of recent folders available in the popup menu (now default to 10).
  • When adding a folder with the Add This Folder menu, you can now select in which submenu the new folder will be added.
  • When editing a menu, a button allow to open this menu.
  • The Add This Folder menu now works for folders on network drives (folders starting with “\\”).
  • Various small bugs fixes.

Changes for v1.2.5 - v2.0.3

  • Submenus
  • By popular demand, Folders Popup now offers folders submenus.
  • To add a submenu, in the Settings window, click the Add button and, in the new dialog box, select the radio button Add: submenu. Submenus can be nested under submenus at will.
  • Select the menu to edit in the Menu to edit: dropdown list.
  • Click the Up arrow to edit the parent menu or the Left arrow to edit a previously displayed menus.
  • To move a folder from one menu to another, click the Edit button or double-click the folder name in the Settings window and select the new menu in the Folder parent menu dropdown list.
  • The Add this folder menu puts the new folder in the main menu where you can edit it to move it to another menu.
  • Version 1 folders saved in your .ini file are preserved and automatically placed in the main menu.
  • Switch to another Explorer
  • The Switch to Explorer menu takes you instantly to any opened instance of the Windows file Explorer.
  • The Switch in dialog box moves the active dialog box to any folder currently opened in another file Explorer.
  • Recent folders
  • The Recent folders menu lists the recent folders memorized by Windows (on slow systems, this may slow down popup menu display because it needs to be refreshed at each display of the popup menu; if you don’t use it, you can turn it OFF in the options).
  • The variable RecentFolders in .ini file ([Global] section) determines the number of displayed recent folders in the menu (default is 5 - keep it low to preserve a snappy popup menu).
  • Language support
  • Select your working language in the Settings window (supported languages: English, French and German).
  • Thanks to Edgar “Fast Edi” Hoffmann for the German translation.
  • Help appreciated for more languages (and for English proof checking as well).
  • New Settings dialog box
  • Icons to Add, Edit or Remove folders and submenus.
  • Double-click a folder or a submenu name to edit it.
  • Icons to move folders and submenus Up or Down in the popup menu.
  • Icons to add a Separator in the popup menu.
  • Icons to Sort folders in a menu.
  • Icons to Add, Edit or Remove supported dialog boxes.
  • Double-click in a dialog box name to edit a supported dialog box.
  • Icons to open the Help, About and Settings windows.

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