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Version history for GigaTribe (TribalWeb)

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Changes for v3.04.012 - v3.04.013 Beta

  • Debug features to fix screen freezes
  • GigaTribe happens to freeze after the login window.
  • This problem can happen when the Chat history is too big or when a file cannot be read (file name too long, corrupted file etc…).
  • Deleting the chat history or the corrupted file fixes this issue.
  • Version 3.04.013 offers a new ‘Reset’ window available from the login screen.

Changes for v3.04.012 Beta - v3.04.012

  • this version fix re-connections issues (automatic connections when one of your contact is connected or re-connection after a server restart)

Changes for v3.04.010 Beta - v3.04.012 Beta

  • fix:
  • automatic connections issues (‘connecting’ state)
  • A bug induced by VPN server reboot.

Changes for v3.01.006 - v3.01.007

  • This version is compatible with proxys and correct all the problems linked with web saturation.

Changes for v3.01.003 Beta - v3.01.005

  • GiagTribe 3.01.005 fixes a lot of crash issues and allows quick jackets previews for cbr and cbz comics files.
  • Moreover, we added a new feature to report user who share illicites contents via GigaTribe

Changes for v3.01.002 Beta - v3.01.003 Beta

  • fix crash issues (Windows 7, users invitations, share/unshare new folders)
  • report illegal contents
  • user actions improved
  • global software performances enhancements

Changes for v3.01.001 - v3.01.002 Beta

  • email notifications improvements
  • fix multiple crash issues
  • fix disconnections problems
  • fix invisible users problems
  • fix multiple bugs related to the chat feature
  • user creation is now online

Changes for v3.01.000 - v3.01.001

  • fix crash issues
  • fix a bug linked to the note feature
  • system files are not shared anymore

Changes for v3.00.026 Beta - v3.01.000

  • Share with Facebook: You may select any file you’re sharing with GigaTribe to post a news on your Facebook page. Your Facebook friends will be able to click on this post to download the file with GigaTribe. The “Share with Facebook” command is available from the contextual menu (right click) of any of any file you share (see screenshots).
  • International characters are now handled (UTF16).
  • Bug fixes (crash, offline messages order, shared folder display issue).

Changes for v3.00.023 - v3.00.025

  • This new version correct bugs from the folder scanning process and fixes crash issues.

Changes for v3.00.021 - v3.00.023

  • Crash issues are now fixed
  • Shared folder loading is reduced dramatically when you connect to GigaTribe
  • The “News” tabs refresh automatically when you change your theme

Changes for v3.0.20 - v3.00.021

  • As usual, this new version fix multiple bugs. 2 important changes have to be noted:
  • We do not use DivX web player anymore. We prefered VideoLAN (alias VLC), the french well-known media player.
  • We added a “Users” tab allowing you to have a quickview of the last connection date for all your contacts. We added multiple selection as well for a better contact management.

Changes for v3.18 - v3.19

  • Our users generally loved GigaTribe 3.18 but we some bugs appeared like the disconnection / reconnection crash problem. This is the main reason why we deliver this upgrade so fast.
  • Spanish and Italian localizations
  • Search new contact speaking your language
  • folder sharing management improved (see screenshot)

Changes for v3.17 - v3.18

  • multiple bugs fixes
  • minor GUI corrections
  • folder browsing improvements (faster, better)
  • search improvements
  • search button added
  • connexion type is now indicated (direct connection or EasyConnect)

Changes for v3.16 - v3.17

  • Fixed a crash occuring when deleting video transfers being previewed.
  • You may now select multiple files in the transfers tab.
  • The “Send now” feature is working again.
  • Modifying the transfers options does not interfere any more with the transfers in progress.
  • Fixed a bug with the customized emoticons.
  • The transfer option« Do not limit the upload speed when I’m away” is working again.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented to send invitations from the ‘people’ pages.
  • Folder shared with write access could receive files but could not receive an entire folder: fixed.
  • EasyConnect fault recovery has been improved.
  • The personal message legnth has been extended.
  • Main user icons and contact icons now have differents colors.
  • When switching to another language, the selected language is now displayed properly.

Changes for v3.09 Beta - v3.10 Beta

  • Massive bugs corrections, especially for windows xp users.

Changes for v3.04 Beta - v3.05 Beta

  • Bug fixes
  • The “search files” tool is available (You may only search files from users with version 2.52 or higher).
  • You may select a group and see every shared folder for the entire group

Changes for v3.02 Beta - v3.03 Beta

  • There has been many improvements since version3.02, especially in the ‘Transfers’ tab.

Changes for v2.4.6 - v2.48

  • Better tracking of partners versions (regnow, 01net).

Changes for v2.44 - v2.45

  • GigaTribe will automaticaly connect with the 'EasyConnect' service unless you select the 'Direct Connection'.

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