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Version history for MediaMan

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Changes for v3.10 Build 1108 - v3.10 Build 1109

  • [Fix] Maintenance update to fix video import issue in searching introduced with new Amazon U.S. site change.

Changes for v3.10 Build 1107 - v3.10 Build 1108

  • [Fix] Broken import under early versions of Windows XP, where gzip encoding is not supported by the system.

Changes for v3.10 Build 1105 - v3.10 Build 1106

  • [Improvement] Export now features 3-style HTML rendering with thumbnails
  • [Improvement] Printing is switched to HTML format, with better style control, and performance
  • [Improvement] IMDb parsing is working properly
  • [Improvement] Import from Amazon enhanced to reflect recent site changes
  • [Improvement] IMDb parsing is working properly
  • [Improvement] Quick search tool won't search tags, locations, and barcode fields

Changes for v3.0 Build 1104 - v3.10 Build 1105

  • [Improvement] Import from Amazon download concurrent thread is increased to improve network performance
  • [Improvement] Default search catalog (Search in:) is changed to "Everything" (Recommended).
  • [Bug Fix] Date fields may shift one day after upon saving
  • [Bug Fix] Title is now linked for all items

Changes for v3.10 Build 1103 - v3.0 Build 1104

  • [New] Last selected tags are remembered when started
  • [New] Title in Item Detail Panel is now linked using Detail URL field content
  • [Improvement] Major improvement on new Amazon Import function, this revised version features more detailed parsing capability so that more information and pictures can be retrieved
  • [Improvement] Maximum number of disc is increased to 60 (editing related)
  • [Bug Fix] Ctrl+Click to import is now working
  • [Bug Fix] German and Spanish versions of Windows are now correctly detected, article conversion in collation routines are is now working correctly
  • [Bug Fix] File listing is discarded after editing
  • [Bug Fix] Crash when closing Import panel while running
  • [Bug Fix] Artist linking option is now remembered
  • [Bug Fix] Del key, and arrow key logic is working again in Item Listing Panel
  • [Bug Fix] Detail Grid Mode of Item Listing Panel now auto sizes correctly
  • [Bug Fix] Flag content is now displayed in Detail Grid Mode
  • [Bug Fix] Activation dialog mistakenly closes itself during startup
  • [Bug Fix] Crashes upon deleting items or importing using Ctrl+Click
  • Splash screen is removed

Changes for v3.0 Build 1027 - v3.0 Build 1034

  • [Improvement] Improved thumbnail rendering, rendering will restart after sorting option change
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in detail pane that fields becomes non-editable after accepting new field order/hide settings
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in HTTP server communication routines that could lead to a crash after intensive usage
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug in licensing/activation mechanisms that could lead to unauthorized usage of the program

Changes for v3.0 Build 1025 - v3.0 Build 1027

  • [Change] When apply changes in "Quick Tag", MediaMan no longer switches to the newly assigned tag group.
  • [Bug Fix] Import result sometimes causes script errors
  • [Bug Fix] Clicking empty area in bottom pane when in Play Music/Video will cause crashes
  • [Bug Fix] Bottom pane may not refresh correctly when switched to Play Music/Video
  • [Bug Fix] Deleting any categories will also erase the contents of "Shopping"
  • [Bug Fix] No text/tooltips in undo/redo menus/buttons to indicate their purposes
  • [Bug Fix] "Reload from Amazon" is broken
  • [Bug Fix] When the webcam is on in import pane, switching categories or organize modes will break webcam capturing, causing webcam images to disappear, requiring a restart of MediaMan to fix
  • [Bug Fix] Item count under "Quick views" reluctant to refresh
  • [Bug Fix] Drag & drop items to tags doesn't refresh item listing accordingly
  • [Bug Fix] Field re-arrange for detail grid mode malfunctions if fields are moved ahead of the Title field
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a crash when using plus and minus buttons to zoom in/out virtual shelf
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where the current sorting option might not be checked in the sorting menu
  • [Bug Fix] Clicking "Save" after editing may pop script errors (doesn't affect the function itself)

Changes for v3.0 Build 1023 - v3.0 Build 1025

  • [New Feature] Taking collection-wide notes in the home screen
  • [New Feature] Enhanced backup mechanism allowing scheduled backup to any folder location, keeping up to 5 copies.
  • [New Feature] MediaMan no longer fires up iexplorer.exe when clicking links in the detail HTML pane, or viewing images and item details in popup windows. Instead it uses its own multi-window browser "MediaMan Browser". MediaMan Browser still reuses Internet Explorer, however, it's lightweight and major performance improvement is expected.
  • [New Feature] MediaMan now remembers "organization modes". If you quit in Tag or Flag mode, you will be bring to this mode automatically the next time you start MediaMan.
  • [Improvement] Another revision of window painting style in Windows XP and Vista Basic
  • [Improvement] Clicking column header in detail view mode will now trigger a sorting option switch.
  • [Improvement] Added Ctrl+E shortcut to focus on search box.
  • [Improvement] Manual Import is allowed in Flag and Tag mode.
  • [Improvement] Performance is improved when refreshing the result of importing, editing, or deleting of items.
  • [Improvement] If attached file listing is located on a network mapped drive, it causes less pause in the program due to a new icon caching mechanism.
  • [Bug Fix] Import search option: "Everything on Amazon" doesn't work
  • [Bug Fix] EAN barcode searches on no longer works
  • [Bug Fix] Video searches on doesn't work
  • [Bug Fix] Printing and exporting won't work with Selected Items option
  • [Bug Fix] Printing dialog doesn't store settings
  • [Bug Fix] Sorting direction, collation options aren't applied in printing
  • [Bug Fix] Low image quality in virtual-shelf exporting when zoomed above 200%.
  • [Bug Fix] When switching customer reviews, the content doesn't automatically scroll from top
  • [Bug Fix] Popup detail window and image window won't show any content when IE8 beta is installed
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a Window border painting issue only visible on Windows Vista Basic
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a bug where the Show Flattened settings and View Full Screen settings gets crossed and MediaMan can't distinguish between the two.
  • [Change] Changed information displayed in bottom pane when in root category.

Changes for v2.71.3 - v3.0 Build 1020

  • [New Feature] Redesigned frame user interface, with skinning on Windows XP and aero-glass on Windows Vista
  • [New Feature] Auto snapping of category pane and detail pane, allowing to view item listing in maximized area
  • [New Feature] Frame navigation using breadcrumb bar and Back/Forward
  • [New Feature] In-place search box and quick search
  • [New Feature] Context-sensitive toolbar and auto-hide menu bar
  • [New Feature] Create a collection based on a sample
  • [New Feature] Quick views, including recently imported items, flagged items, favorite items
  • [New Feature] Play Music and Play Video, featuring playlist management
  • [New Feature] Shopping, purchase imported items from Amazon
  • [New Feature] Renewed expanded view featuring thumbnail display
  • [New Feature] Renewed virtual-shelf view featuring better tool tips and deck labeling
  • [New Feature] Improved virtual-shelf behavior to allow immediate display of previously rendered/cached items
  • [New Feature] New info-tip and shelf labeling feature for virtual-shelf
  • [New Feature] Renewed tag view supporting related tags and drag & drop
  • [New Feature] Renewed file attaching mechanism

Changes for v2.71.2 - v2.71.3

  • Fixed a bug where the list pane doesn't refresh immediately after a paste or drag & drop
  • Fixed registration problems and "protection error" pop ups

Changes for v2.71.1 - v2.71.2

  • Fixed a bug where auto-saving feature may truncate collection file names, which may later lead to a program crash.
  • Fixed a bug in data file handling routines that may cause program crash upon entering items.

Changes for v2.71 - v2.71.1

  • Fixed a bug where sort option switching do not reflect result immediately.
  • Improved file naming of HTML based exporting.
  • Fixed an issue with zlib decompresser that may lead to program crash.

Changes for v2.70 - v2.71

  • Enhanced performance on startup, MediaMan now launches much faster when "remembering last category" option is set
  • Enhanced performance when working with large collections, item listing and virtual shelf rendering is now much faster than before. This performance enhancement applies to searching and alternative organizing methods too
  • Fixed a problem where Internet Explorer's Just-in-Time debuggers may be triggered during MediaMan's startup
  • Improved collection file handling to reduce fragmentation and corruption
  • Upgaded SQLite component
  • Fixed a minor bug that may cause registration to fail

Changes for v2.66.3 - v2.70

  • New feature: PlayIt is now capable of media file playback inside MediaMan
  • New feature: Dual-processor and quad-processor enabled virtual shelf rendering
  • New feature: The last selected category is now remembered
  • New feature: Search by title
  • Improvement: Webcam barcode scanner is now much more usable than ever before
  • Improvement: Collation system will now recognize lots of band names people names, conversion is performed a lot accurate than before
  • Improvement: Field names are now sorted in field selection dialog boxes
  • Improvement: In the detail view, keyboard first letter navigation now applies to the current sorting column
  • Changed Actor Artist Author Director google search engine links to Amazon Associate links to comply with the Amazon Web Service usage agreement
  • Change: File listing attach folder will no longer enumrates hidden files, folder synchronizing function is added
  • Change: Increased JPEG storage quality
  • Change: Increased tag content, custom icon content, and string recall content size limitation
  • Change: Increased combo box content size limitation
  • Fixed a bug where switching between hide/unhide irrelevant sheets causing text and image change to be reverted
  • Fixed a bug where long titles could lead to malfunctioning of the category overview pane
  • Fixed a bug where custom status is not included in sorting and status is not sorted correctly
  • Fixed a bug where keyboard focus stays on the virtual shelf zoom bar when zooming operation is completed
  • Fixed a bug where there's no files tab in the new item dialog
  • Fixed a bug where items can't be deselected using Ctrl key
  • Fixed a bug where there's no view pane context menu on Windows Vista
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect item icon is displayed in search results, status, and tag management mode
  • Fixed a bug in category icon assignment dialog where the current selected icon is displayed incorrectly
  • Fixed a problem where MediaMan stops downloading when incorrect content size is returned from Amazon ECS servers
  • Fixed a minor progress bar animation problem on Windows Vista
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in drag & drop
  • Fixed a bug where the Date Added field is set to GMT today rather than local today when importing new items
  • Fixed a bug where Disc Layer and Disc Side radio box can't be choosed at the same time
  • Fixed a bug where Format and Aspect Ratio is not showing up in detail view mode
  • Fixed a bug where Edit->Delete in main menu has no action
  • Fixed minor bugs with toolbar and status bar show/hide
  • Fixed minor resource loading and logic problems
  • Fixed a bug where newly entered combo box items are not remembered
  • Upgraded FreeImage component
  • Upgraded SQLite component

Changes for v2.66.2 - v2.66.3

  • Fixed program crashing on certain computer configurations when third-party spyware scanning program is enabled
  • Improved virtual shelf rendering and updating when working with large collection files

Changes for v2.66.1 - v2.66.2

  • Fixed a problem where virtual shelf rendering could freeze the program for a long time in certain circumstances
  • Upgraded SQLite and data layer component to solve false reports of malformed database image

Changes for v2.66 - v2.66.1

  • A fix to toolbar painting problem in Windows Vista
  • A fix to the installer that caused MediaMan to be executed as Administrator when running for the first time. It's now executed as a normal user
  • A fix to drag and drop rollover image font style problem when ClearType is enabled
  • Fixed a new problem in v2.66 where virtual shelf PNG export renders empty result
  • Fixed gallery pane script error
  • Fixed dates before 1900/1/1 cannot be stored (Note: the date 1900/1/1 is still a special date, which is treated as empty in MediaMan, please avoid using this date.)
  • Fixed a bug where new fields, such as Original Title, Format, Features are not showing up in the detail mode
  • Fixed a minor tab sequence problem in Amazon wizard
  • Changing collation setting will now reflect immediately, without a program restart
  • The new browser component in v2.66 requires Internet Explorer 6 SP2, which is not compatible with Windows 2000, it's now replaced with the old one in this release

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