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Version history for Opera (64-bit)

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Changes for v60.0.3255.59 - v60.0.3255.70

  • DNA-75464 Crash at base::Time::Explode(bool, base::Time::Exploded*)
  • DNA-76582 [WinLin] New tab button hover state should look like inactive hovered tab
  • DNA-76909 Crash at views::BridgedNativeWidgetImpl::SetParent(NSView*)
  • DNA-76938 Rate Opera – black text on gray background
  • DNA-76963 [Mac] Crashes with easy setup panel
  • DNA-77341 Extensions actions should be hidden in overflow menu when they occupy more than 1/3 of toolbar size.
  • DNA-77346 Use bigger tiles after update to R3 for some users
  • DNA-77347 [Mac] Tab preview stuck when dragging tab
  • DNA-77350 [Mac] The location services disable button brings up an empty popup
  • DNA-77361 Crash at opera::PageView::is_locked()
  • DNA-77390 Previous wallpaper color blinks when focusing tab with start page
  • DNA-77403 Tailor font size for fallback tiles
  • DNA-77545 Opera crashes when trying to create snap

Changes for v58.0.3135.90 - v58.0.3135.107

  • DNA-76021 [Revert] Don’t launch Opera on manual update
  • DNA-76291 Crash at opera::BookmarksFavoriteCollection::GetRoot()

Changes for v58.0.3135.79 - v58.0.3135.90

  • DNA-74748 Add switch to turn off adding startpage to sessions
  • DNA-75154 [Mac] Show Toolbar in Fullscreen broken after using fullscreen tab
  • DNA-76009 Allow flow to work on * domains
  • DNA-76015 Disable the use of QUIC proxies for https:// URLs (O58 only)
  • DNA-76021 Don’t launch Opera on manual updates
  • DNA-76223 Heap-use-after-free WRITE 4 · v8::internal::ElementsAccessorBase – port to desktop-stable-71-3135

Changes for v58.0.3135.65 - v58.0.3135.68

  • Extend Yandex Zen covarage by Belarus and Kazakhstan

Changes for v57.0.3098.116 - v58.0.3135.53

  • DNA-73935 [mac mojave] not possible to minimize Opera if it’s inactive application
  • DNA-74192 ‘Open all in new Tabs’ has wrong order
  • DNA-74413 Operadriver cannot find installed opera binary.
  • DNA-74773 Tab is actually unpinned only after browser restart
  • DNA-74816 [Mac] Cmd+W closes private window
  • DNA-75082 Restore OperaDriver versioning convention

Changes for v57.0.3098.106 - v58.0.3135.30 Beta

  • New Chromium version – 71.0.3578.98
  • “No matching experiments” visible on opera:flags for dark theme
  • [macOS] VPN auto-reconnects after Wi-Fi interruption
  • Actual number of open tabs is shown in warning message (including tabs with start page)

Changes for v57.0.3098.106 - v57.0.3098.110

  • DNA-74142 RSS does not load
  • DNA-74478 Add some info about first run logic to crash logs

Changes for v57.0.3098.102 - v57.0.3098.106

  • DNA-70670 Internal error pages miss error code information
  • DNA-73057 Crash at extensions::SpeeddialPrivateEventRouter::OnBrowserSetLastActive(Browser*)
  • DNA-74364 Zen news notification doesn’t disappear when window size is small
  • DNA-74531 Use Discover servers by default
  • DNA-74542 Record the feature value for DNA-74540
  • DNA-74503 [SECURITY] Magellan vulnerability in SQLite

Changes for v57.0.3098.76 - v57.0.3098.91

  • DNA-73054 Crash on exit when add to bookmarks popup opened and window closed
  • DNA-73126 WP1 – Start page elements state (enabled/disabled)
  • DNA-73295 Crash at extensions::`anonymous namespace”::ExternalWindowHelper::FindAndCloseWindow
  • DNA-73562 Omnibox closes after middle-click on a suggestion
  • DNA-73639 [Mac] Pinned tab can be closed by Cmd+W
  • DNA-73684 [Mac] Cmd + w closes window
  • DNA-73740 Crash when cancelling dragging tab
  • DNA-73975 custom_partner_content.json is not created
  • DNA-73990 Bloated opera_autoupdate on macOS
  • DNA-74068 Switching news off and back on does not render content
  • DNA-74161 Prepare Campaign isyf for regular releases
  • DNA-74190 Crash at opera::content_filter::`anonymous namespace”::CaretMatches
  • DNA-74209 Improve Netflix tile hover animation
  • DNA-74230 Control Netflix notifications visibility by a pref
  • DNA-74257 Handle invalid sources format for scrollable section
  • DNA-74259 Allow to override the News version served from CDN

Changes for v56.0.3051.104 - v57.0.3098.76

  • DNA-73673 Crash at extensions::Extension::location()
  • DNA-73823 Deliver translations for notifications
  • DNA-73835 Installer doesn’t start
  • DNA-73852 Get rid of unescaped ‘#’ in body
  • DNA-73875 Don’t change the option after upgrade
  • DNA-73931 [Netflix] ‘Watch trailer’ should be always displayed in separate line.
  • DNA-74013 Improve layout of user consent popup
  • DNA-74014 Show Netflix notification as soon as possible
  • DNA-74018 Set integer, not boolean pref in session startup pref
  • DNA-74025 Crash loop on startup with a clean profile
  • DNA-74042 Error message in Console after disabling and then enabling again the News toggle button
  • DNA-74063 Promote O57 to stable stream

Changes for v54.0.2952.60 - v54.0.2952.71

  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap
  • DNA-71386 Exclude “old suggestions” from post-migration clean-up

Changes for v53.0.2907.110 - v54.0.2952.41

Changes for v53.0.2907.106 - v53.0.2907.110

  • DNA-70411 Bookmark dialog adds a speed dial to the beginning
  • DNA-70539 Recover previous installation status if installer didn’t exit successfully
  • DNA-70572 Write a completion marker to the install subdir to communicate success
  • DNA-70579 Marker file remains in old subfolders

Changes for v53.0.2907.37 - v53.0.2907.57

  • CHR-6829 Update chromium on desktop-stable-66-2907 to 66.0.3359.170
  • DNA-68598 [Linux] Make Alt+Space open web & bookmarks Instant Search
  • DNA-68697 ThemesTests.testAddThemeWithInvalidExtension fails
  • DNA-69276 Show PluginBlocked badge in address bar again if Flash is blocked on this page.
  • DNA-69287 JS errors when dragging from Bookmarks Bar over Speed Dial on Start Page
  • DNA-69454 [IS] Some letters in page addresses are partially cut
  • DNA-69517 [Settings]Unable to put passphrase because advanced settings not reachable
  • DNA-69529 SleepDetectorService visible after closing Opera
  • DNA-69580 Sidebar hint cut off when sidebar is disabled
  • DNA-69627 Crash during closing bubble popup for instant search
  • DNA-69629 Instant search hint cut off for some languages
  • DNA-69651 Vietnamese: Missing translations

Changes for v51.0.2830.34 - v51.0.2830.55

  • DNA-66446 UI labels use a smaller font size than other UI elements
  • DNA-66595 [Mac][TouchBar] “Open new tab” slow when a text field is focused
  • DNA-67392 Crash at content::MediaStreamManager::FinalizeOpenDevice(std::basic_string const&, content::MediaStreamManager::DeviceRequest*)
  • DNA-67846 Opera opened on windows start

Changes for v50.0.2762.67 - v51.0.2830.34

  • DNA-55786 [Mac] Clicking on tab makes a new window
  • DNA-64205 [Mac] Clicking on extension icons doesnt activate them sometimes
  • DNA-66380 [Settings] show advanced settings invisible
  • DNA-66994 [Mac] Scroll bar appears below sources on news page
  • DNA-67270 Cannot load resource toolkit/services/css_flags.js
  • DNA-67285 [Mac] Crash when Reloading all tabs after switching tabs
  • DNA-67339 Bug: replace dublizieren with duplizieren in the German version of Opera Desktop
  • DNA-67368 Do not force flash on navigator.plugin if Blocked exception is added for specific site
  • DNA-67373 Crash at opera::AutoUpdateService::FromBrowserProcess(BrowserProcess*)
  • DNA-67393 Crash at extensions::BookmarkEventRouter::BookmarkNodeMoved(bookmarks::BookmarkModel*, bookmarks::BookmarkNode const*, int, bookmarks::BookmarkNode const*, int)
  • DNA-67428 Click of the tab to scroll doesn’t scroll to the original state
  • DNA-67537 Revert new spinner from O51 and O52 (DNA-63700)

Changes for v50.0.2762.58 - v50.0.2762.67

  • DNA-66016 Re-enable VPNTests.testCountryChangingDifferentWindows when SVC-1396 & SVC-1395 are done
  • DNA-66669 “Spectre” vulnerability check fails in Opera
  • DNA-66875 Cache 404 response from SD suggestions thumbnail generator
  • DNA-66878 SD server suggestions not cached until suggestions strip is shown
  • DNA-66084 Crash at opera::installer::association_utils::`anonymous namespace”::GetApplicationAssociationRegistrationInternal

Changes for v48.0.2685.35 - v48.0.2685.39

  • DNA-64503 Correct Spanish translation
  • DNA-64548 [Mac] Pinch to zoom is not working
  • DNA-64577 Opera doesn’t start on Debian if package chromium-widevine is installed

Changes for v48.0.2685.32 - v48.0.2685.35

  • DNA-63214 Empty sidebar when unpinned in opera:flags
  • DNA-63384 Resumed download after browser restart never ends
  • DNA-63621 [AdBlock][HiDPI] Informational pop-up window grows unexpected
  • DNA-63755 Show resume button in opera:downloads on interrupt by browser crash
  • DNA-63782 [Engine] Cursor moves to beginning of address field on links with target=”_blank”
  • DNA-64139 Adblock/VPN pop-ups are totally misplaced
  • DNA-64343 [Mac] Part of tab not click-able for activation

Changes for v48.0.2685.22 RC - v48.0.2685.32

  • DNA-62443 [Mac] Crash at -[CertificateTrustPanelBridge windowWillEnterFullScreen:]
  • DNA-63736 [Mac] Unable to drag window by dragging the bottom part of tab bar
  • DNA-63818 [Mac] Crash after clicking on Content blocked badge
  • DNA-64176 IDS_IMPORTER_LOCK_*_SHORT is not properly parsed for ‘da’ language
  • DNA-64245 Crash at v8::Context::Enter()
  • DNA-64255 Fix interference of internal context menus with Experimental Web Features
  • DNA-64297 Switch chanel for desktop-stable-61-2685 to Stable
  • DNA-64322 Update credit files for desktop-stable-61-2685
  • 48.0.2685.26 – 2017-09-19 blog post
  • DNA-62160 [MacOS High Sierra] Exit full screen – black line between tab bar and menu bar
  • DNA-63798 Renderer freezes after closing popup with ESC
  • DNA-63894 [Mac High Sierra] Broken drop target animation in extensions sidebar
  • DNA-64063 Empty video popout created for some content
  • DNA-64167 Missing Norwegian (nb) translations in O48

Changes for v47.0.2631.80 - v48.0.2685.22 RC

  • DNA-62841 [Mac High Sierra] Wrong tab position after drag and drop
  • DNA-63683 O48 translations integrate with stabilisation branch
  • DNA-63804 [HiDPI] Dragging tab flashing after DPI change.
  • DNA-63816 Use new au test server for NI
  • DNA-63831 [HiDPI] Auto-filing is totally misplaced after DPI change.
  • DNA-63839 [Mac] Wrong position of tabs in tab bar
  • DNA-63878 [HiDPI] Checkboxes are misplaced and badly scaled
  • DNA-63883 [Mac High Sierra] No animation on tab hover
  • DNA-63903 [Mac] Unable to activate tabs of certain width
  • DNA-63945 O48 – Kill “New feature – dark skin hint”
  • DNA-63972 Add opauto test for DNA-63155 – don’t show SDs suggestions in address bar
  • DNA-63977 [Mac High Sierra] Search popup font is too dark
  • DNA-64054 [HiDPI] Checkboxes are streched on some websites

Changes for v47.0.2631.71 - v47.0.2631.80

  • Fixed fonts in PDF files
  • Crash when closing private window while websites is loading through VPN
  • [Linux] Crash at

Changes for v47.0.2631.55 - v47.0.2631.71

  • DNA-61941 Browser freeze on disabling switch in vpn dialog during page loading
  • DNA-62256 [Mac] Popup windows is too wide when full URL is displayed
  • DNA-62395 [HiDPI] Spinning loading icon is blurred.
  • DNA-62457 Can’t jump in video on
  • DNA-62667 Crash at opera::installer::IPCSender::Send(std::unique_ptr)
  • DNA-62929 content/popup blocked icons are not separated when both are rendered
  • DNA-63172 [Win] Page crashes in video popout
  • DNA-63317 Web Budget API exposed but not wired up
  • DNA-63477 [Linux/Ubuntu] All fonts messed up on desktop-stable-60-2631
  • DNA-63553 Font rendering issues on Windows 10 with AMD cards
  • DNA-63554 Bind framebuffer to fbo_ object before readPixels, rather than multisample_fbo_ (only for 047)
  • DNA-63555 Revert “fix canplaythrough” from O47

Changes for v47.0.2631.39 - v47.0.2631.55

  • Fixes
  • UAC popup displayed every time Opera is launched
  • Process overloading in Google/Yandex maps with disabled hardware acceleration

Changes for v47.0.2631.13 Beta - v47.0.2631.31 Beta

  • DNA-61684 Crash at sync_sessions::SessionsSyncManager::TrackTasks(sync_sessions::SyncedTabDelegate* const, sync_pb::SessionSpecifics*)

Changes for v46.0.2597.46 - v46.0.2597.57

  • DNA-62402 Crash when going to opera:config or opera:themes in private window
  • DNA-62503 Crash at base::RefCountedThreadSafe::Release()
  • DNA-62562 Ensure Mediarouter is disabled

Changes for v46.0.2597.32 - v46.0.2597.39

  • DNA-60855 [Win7][HiDPI] Thin Aero stripe is visible on the title bar.
  • DNA-61976 [Win] Opera crashes when bookmark is deleted using keyboard
  • DNA-62019 Whitelist JS API for

Changes for v45.0.2552.888 - v45.0.2552.898

  • DNA-61103 Address field icon cut on dark skin
  • DNA-61434 Crash at opera::installer::Wininet::InternetStatusCallback(void*, unsigned long, unsigned long, void*, unsigned long)
  • DNA-61576 [Win] Fallback to Current User installation fails if user cancel UAC when package is downloaded to temp
  • DNA-61587 “Über%tragen…” in context menus
  • DNA-61705 [Win 10] Huge memory usage which causes OOM when trying to play H264 MP3 video

Changes for v45.0.2552.881 - v45.0.2552.888

  • DNA-59347 [Reborn Linux] Unable to drag window by the sidebar ☣
  • DNA-60318 [Installer] Update to O44 Stable keeps “Opera 43” on the Win 10 task bar icon
  • DNA-60768 [WebUI] Remove grey wallpaper from list of wallpapers
  • DNA-61000 German Sidebar translation fix (de) for Opera Desktop
  • DNA-61367 sidebar extensions on OS X – elements can’t get focus
  • DNA-61401 Update makerepo script to use new key

Changes for v45.0.2552.812 - v45.0.2552.881

  • DNA-59998 [Linux] Broken drop down list elements (wrong font color)
  • DNA-60171 [Mac] No space for dragging the app window ☣
  • DNA-60397 [Linux] Black borders on context menus
  • DNA-60408 [Linux] Sub-menu after expand is visible /expandable/ only once
  • DNA-60524 [Mac] Crash at media::DecoderStream::OnDecoderReset()
  • DNA-60528 [Linux] Menu not position correctly + no menu label
  • DNA-60745 [Win10] Video popout – resize window
  • DNA-60768 [WebUI] Remove grey wallpaper from list of wallpapers
  • DNA-60878 Corrupted installer message is not translated
  • DNA-60944 Full screen issue 1px line at the bottom
  • DNA-60991 Crash at blink::WebSpeechSynthesisVoice::operator blink::PlatformSpeechSynthesisVoice*()
  • DNA-61026 Crash on right clicking extensions sidebar (signature: ui::MenuModel::GetModelAndIndexForCommandId(int, ui::MenuModel*, int))
  • DNA-61028 Opera crashes when trying to manage print preferences
  • DNA-61040 Dark theme hint polish translation
  • DNA-61368 Get the new wallpaper into master

Changes for v45.0.2552.635 - v45.0.2552.812

  • DNA-60092 [Win|Linux] Red UI elements in high-DPI with Reborn enabled
  • DNA-60226 [Mac] Crash at mojo::edk::(anonymous namespace)::ChannelPosix::GetReadPlatformHandles(unsigned long, void const*, unsigned long, std::__1::unique_ptr*)
  • DNA-60638 [Win] Opera pins back to taskbar after being launched
  • DNA-60709 [Linux Ubuntu 17.04] No global menu in unity
  • DNA-60721 Current theme is not updated when selecting it from “Customize start page” in some use cases
  • DNA-60820 MFDemuxer stalls after seeking
  • DNA-60853 Error about missing opera_200_percent.pak
  • DNA-60958 Fix messenger feature page’s URL

Changes for v44.0.2510.1218 - v44.0.2510.1449

  • Fixed crash when opening file dialog with Touch Bar (macOS)
  • Fix for links opened in a new tab which wouldn’t render (macOS)
  • Fix for adding bookmarks to ‘unsorted bookmarks’

Changes for v42.0.2393.27 Beta - v42.0.2393.38 Beta

  • DNA-45081 Loading speeddial counts 2 impressions for speeddial tiles (causes BasicTests/FavoriteStatsBrowserTest to fail)
  • DNA-57744 Initial video popout size too big
  • DNA-57749 Timeout on LazyBackgroundPageApiTest.UpdateExtensionsPage
  • DNA-57766 “My sources” collapsed by default on news page
  • DNA-57806 All sections in ‘Browse the catalog’ expanded

Changes for v12.15 - v12.16

  • Security
  • Replaced code signing certificate; see our advisory

Changes for v12.14 - v12.15

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where the search bar's default engine could be overridden by third-party apps.
  • Security
  • Fixed a moderately severe issue, as reported by Attila Suszter; details will be disclosed at a later date.
  • Added safeguards against attacks on the RC4 encryption protocol; see our advisory.
  • Fixed an issue where cookies could be set for a top-level domain; see our advisory.

Changes for v12.15 RC - v12.15 RC2

  • Fixed empty list of search engines and a freeze followed by a crash.

Changes for v12.14 - v12.15 RC

  • fixing some bugs

Changes for v12.13 - v12.14

  • Update addresses a re-occuring crash, allowing users to update two or more extensions at one time.

Changes for v12.13 - v12.14 RC

  • DSK-381553 Crash on check for updates
  • CORE-49265 Failure on looking up CSS property ( crashes)
  • CORE-49398 nested importScripts() usage breaks in Web Workers

Changes for v12.13 RC2 - v12.13

  • General and User Interface
  • Fixed an issue where Opera gets internal communication errors on Facebook
  • Fixed an issue where no webpages load on startup, if Opera is disconnected from the Internet
  • Fixed an issue where images will not load after back navigation, when a site uses the HTML5 history API (
  • Linux and Windows
  • A new stand-alone update-checker, as part of a planned upgrade of the auto-update system
  • Windows
  • Improved protection against hijacking of the default search, including a one-time reset
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where DOM events manipulation might be used to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Arthur Gerkis; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where use of SVG clipPaths could allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by anonymous via the iSIGHT Partners GVP Program; see our advisory
  • Fixed a low severity security issue; details will be disclosed at a later date
  • Fixed an issue where CORS requests could omit the preflight request, as reported by webpentest; see our advisory

Changes for v12.13 RC - v12.13 RC2

  • DSK-381105 Internal communication error on Facebook
  • CORE-49385 Recover by resetting when extension data storage has become corrupted
  • DSK-381218 [OS X] Crash on start-up related to the new auto-update mechanism
  • Further fix for DSK-378182 No pages load, if opera started with no Internet connection

Changes for v12.13.1721 snapshot - v12.13 RC

  • Stability improvements
  • Performance improvement for the address field drop-down
  • New partner content
  • DSK-381010 New images do not load after navigating back on sites that uses HTML5 History API (Deviantart, Facebook)
  • CORE-49380 Directive prologue not detected when it's the only content of the function-body
  • CORE-49388 addEventListener() for same listener twice breaks order

Changes for v12.12 - v12.13.1721 snapshot

  • Stability improvements
  • DSK-378667 New auto-update checker
  • DSK-379653 Images setting changed to off after quitting while pages are still loading
  • DSK-378182 No pages load if there was no internet connection at startup
  • CORE-49385 Extension data storage gets corrupted when quitting
  • CORE-41477 Handling of form buttons title/tooltips
  • CORE-49356 Stops responding on some Google sites (Mail, Plus)
  • DSK-378871 Protection against search settings hijacking
  • CORE-49355 Encoding issues when copying some protocol links
  • CORE-49361 designMode can disable contenteditable and crash
  • CORE-49378 datalist dropdown shown if readonly input focused using script

Changes for v12.11 - v12.12

  • Fixes and Stability Enhancements since Opera 12.11
  • General and User Interface
  • Several general fixes and stability improvements
  • New option ‘Delete settings and data for all extensions’ option (off by default) in the Delete Private Data dialog
  • Corrected an issue where using the 'Delete Private Data' dialog could delete extension and settings data
  • Redesigned the 'Delete Private Data' dialog to be more usable with small screens
  • Fixed an issue where quitting Opera while in fullscreen mode could cripple the interface on the next start-up
  • Security
  • Fixed an issue where malformed GIF images could allow execution of arbitrary code; see our advisory
  • Fixed an issue where repeated attempts to access a target site could trigger address field spoofing, as reported by Masato Kinugawa; see our advisory
  • UNIX-only
  • Fixed an issue where private data could be disclosed to other computer users, or be modified by them, as reported by Jann Horn; see our advisory

Changes for v12.12-1662 snapshot - v12.12-1704 RC 2

  • CORE-48789 Crash on exit
  • DSK-377885 Typing/pasting in address field right after opening new tab empties address field
  • DSK-377570 Media keys may not be recognized or blocked
  • DSK-379437 Speed Dial shortcuts do not wok when using Ctrl + keypad

Changes for v12.11 - v12.12-1662 snapshot

  • Windows and Linux/FreeBSD
  • DSK-377820 Quitting while in fullscreen mode will break the UI on next start-up
  • Core
  • Stability improvements
  • CORE-49276 Crash ¾ through the Octane benchmark
  • CORE-49293 Missing onFullscreenChange onFullscreenError properties on document and elements
  • CORE-49269 Memory leaks in SVG surface cache
  • CORE-49270 Stops responding when printing emails from M2

Changes for v12.11-1658 snapshot - v12.11 RC 2

  • Reverted DSK-375387 because it caused addressbar typing problems
  • CORE-49059 If turbo proxy isn't listening on spdy port opera will hammer the proxy with connection requests
  • CORE-48789 Crash when closing connections which were told to be closed but didn't

Changes for v12.11-1655 snapshot - v12.11-1658 snapshot

  • Crashes
  • CORE-49238 crash on loading
  • CORE-49243 Opera freezes on Skydrive parsing 2 million NULL characters in source code
  • CORE-49247 crash after opening dragonfly on certain TC
  • DSK-369019 [Win] Opera crashes exactly 5 minutes after start
  • DSK-377263 Crash when selecting mail message after performing search
  • DSK-375609 Memguarded Opera crash on adding a web panel
  • DSK-376763 Crash when dragging page element for the second time
  • Core
  • CORE-49239 cursor not changed to pointer on hover for anchors with image object children
  • CORE-49241 Unable to upload files on
  • CORE-49168 Cannot append Blob instance to FormData instance
  • CORE-49242 Pipe character (|) is escaped in URL query part
  • CORE-49250 file://c|/windows/ doesn't work
  • Desktop
  • DSK-376411 IMAP QRESYNC support should be turned on only for whitelisted servers
  • DSK-342605 Closing tab that is within a stack, then reopening it, doesn't get placed back in stack
  • DSK-375387 Address field text misaligned in new Speed Dial tab when Turbo badge is present
  • DSK-374212 'Force Single Connection' should be set to 1 by default for yahoo IMAP
  • DSK-376857 Bookmarks cannot be moved to between neighboring bookmark folders in Bookmarks Panel
  • DSK-377308 Missing attachment icon in Message List view
  • DSK-373697 [MAC] Incorrect icon is shown for prompt() and confirm() js functions
  • DSK-377596 Fuzzy "local" badge icon
  • DSK-377575 Opera refuses to send a mail to an idn domain with a u-diaeresis in it

Changes for v12.10 - v12.11-1655 snapshot

  • Changelog
  • Crashes
  • CORE-48361 Crash when using SPDY for HTTPS with proxy
  • CORE-29013 Crash with contenteditable content inside SVG
  • CORE-49103 Crash on SVG newspaper demo
  • CORE-49171 Crash when changing opacity
  • CORE-49179 Crash when navigating in history between specific websites
  • DSK-376327 Crash when processing deleted mail after setting up account in M2
  • DSK-376529 Crash when rejecting dropping file on Vista
  • DSK-376470 [Mac] Double delete exiting Opera
  • Other bugs
  • CORE-49156 Can't open IPv6-address with brackets
  • CORE-49211 onkeypress attribute blocks keyboard input if JS is disabled
  • DSK-342005 Perform a check if the skin was loaded properly
  • DSK-376357 Add Opera Linux 2013 public key to deb packages
  • DSK-367673 Text of input button with top or bottom padding and fixed height cut off
  • DSK-373174 Flash block need to refresh to make flash object disappear
  • DSK-374277 Background tabs change width after Opera being in fullscreen mode
  • DSK-376531 [Mac] Shortcut key does not open Dragonfly on some keyboard layouts
  • DSK-376627 [Mac] Jumpy animaton of tab thumbnails
  • DSK-376573 [Mac] Avoid the Unknown Protocol Dialog for trusted Apple-specifc protocols

Changes for v12.10 RC3 - v12.10 RC4

  • CORE-49167 Crash on unexpected gadget update info
  • DSK-376753 Cyrillic in Tahoma Bold displayed as nothing with Office:mac 2011 font set (duplicate copies) installed
  • DSK-376646 Welcome page haunting new installs (when 'Install | Newest Used Beta Name' not set)

Changes for Next v12.10 b1642 - v12.10 RC3

  • CORE-48890 Spdy HTTP header crash
  • REVERTED: CORE-49103 SVG newspaper demo is crashing Opera
  • CORE-48361 Crash when receiving data from network
  • CORE-45283 Skandiabanken doesn't load from certain address
  • DSK-376419 Crash on opening tab with "Activate first tab opened from current tab" setting
  • DSK-376572 Text cut off in HTTP auth dialog

Changes for Next v12.10 b1627 - Next v12.10 b1642

  • Desktop
  • DSK-375732 Prefetching DNS when hovering links
  • DSK-376038 text-shadow renders really weird (regression from 12.00)
  • DSK-375832 Thread starter messages missing from IMAP sent folder view
  • DSK-361306 Opera detects two Java plugins which leads to a freeze/crash
  • DSK-363907 Open in Background Window opens new Window in the Foreground
  • DSK-369215 History page: wrong grouping in quick search results
  • DSK-367126 Info and Links panels not working when displayed floating
  • Core
  • CORE-49086 Opera often crashes while is open in a background tab
  • CORE-47458 Crash in layout properties
  • CORE-49107 Disallow internet shortcuts in frames (+ svg images)
  • CORE-49072 Networking related crashes

Changes for Next v12.10 b1618 - Next v12.10 b1627

  • Core
  • CORE-26204 IPv6 task: RFC 3484 (getaddrinfo) and RFC 6555 (Happy Eyeballs)
  • CORE-48979 NSL when using timed-out idle connections
  • CORE-39910 box-shadow not rendered when box is of 0 width and height
  • CORE-48864 Incorrect bounding-box for box-shadow
  • CORE-48950 Box-shadow with large offset is incorrectly clipped
  • CORE-48904 Many box-shadows will freeze Opera
  • CORE-48881 Navigating back in history should not scroll window to last anchor
  • CORE-48860 Crash when returning caret to non-existent element
  • CORE-48929 DocumentEdit's inline IME may crash if initialized when there's no caret
  • Desktop
  • DSK-365429 Crash on exit when autosaving session
  • DSK-375314 [Lin] Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab shortcuts no longer work on Linux
  • DSK-371646 [Mac] KeyCodes of number keys are different while holding Shift, the key property is wrong
  • DSK-371859 [Lin] Unix editing keys for single character actions repated twice
  • DSK-374069 [Mac] double @ on OS X
  • DSK-375566 [Lin] AltGr zooms out
  • CORE-48977 [Lin] Opera freezes for up to a minute, when pasting from the primary buffer (middle click) into Flash textbox and leaves a zombie process
  • DSK-375381 Fast forward is broken on
  • DSK-373372 Mouse gesture forward does not trigger wand autofill
  • DSK-375550 Crash on installing extension if HTTP Accept Language=,
  • DSK-375120 [Lin] Gtk3 themes do not full update without restarting
  • DSK-372892 [Mac] Crash when drag and drop extension config.xml from Coda panel to Opera
  • DSK-365871 Progress bar serious repaint issues (when possitioned at bottom)
  • DSK-372345 [Lin] Tooltips and menus displayed on all Gnome/Unity desktops
  • DSK-277691 Remove "User JavaScript on HTTPS" activation dialog
  • DSK-375254 Crash when dragging stack from Window panel to tab in tab bar
  • DSK-371096 Corrupted should be restored from

Changes for Next v12.10 b1605 snapshot - Next v12.10 b1615 snapshot

  • a few fixes

Changes for Next v12.50 b1581 snapshot - v12.50 b1583 snapshot

  • Increased security when installing extensions

Changes for Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot - 12 RC Euro 2012 edition

  • It includes important updates for Out Of Process Plugins, and some nice bugfixes.

Changes for v12.00 b1424 snapshot - Next v12.00 b1445 snapshot

  • The focus of today's snapshot is to fix up some of the bugs introduced HTML5 Drag and Drop, plus fixes to a few more annoying bugs for good measure.

Changes for v12.00 b1417 snapshot - v12.00 b1424 snapshot

  • Scrolling performance improvements

Changes for Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot - v12.00 b1417 snapshot

  • Desktop
  • DSK-360564 Hardware acceleration bugfixing
  • DSK-361802 Out-of-process plugins bugfixing
  • DSK-362676 Java stopped working in Opera
  • DSK-360071 Flash repaint problems on scrolling
  • DSK-361116 Animation stops when you open context menu
  • DSK-361808 Flash crashes and Opera freezes or crashes on opening the file upload dialog invoked by
  • flash
  • DSK-361130 Content positioned ontop of opaque Flash appears below (SW) and clicks sent to underlaying flash (HWA)
  • DSK-361898 Opera seems to crash when playing vids in fullscreen for a little while
  • DSK-360054 Freeze on page with hardware acceleration enabled
  • DSK-356695 Address field dropdown overlaps address field when old menu bar is enabled
  • DSK-361536 Wrong placement of cursor and characters in password fields in DirectX
  • Core
  • CORE-46032 Crash in >PluginHandler::HandleMessage
  • CORE-45910 Ajax formData break russian text.
  • CORE-43927 - webworker importing already loaded script
  • CORE-45881 Drag in drop of file from OS to element with dropzone attribute fails

Changes for NEXT v12.00 Beta - Next v12.00 b1413 snapshot

  • Desktop
  • DSK-363187 Add custom useragent user pref in opera:config
  • DSK-359785 Fixed Chinese mail alert string
  • DSK-360901 UI artifacts in viewport when scrolling a page containing a fixed element with 100% height
  • DSK-341552 Tab Bar switches from Show extender menu to No wrapping with tabs on the sides on restart
  • DSK-362425 No default search engine in search field
  • DSK-362258 Tab close behavior customization is broken
  • DSK-362855 [Mac] Configured color scheme not removed on upgrade
  • DSK-362459 [Mac] Missing mailto: nntp: news: and snews: url schemes in Info.plist
  • DSK-316224 [Mac] Opera doesn't know the title of websites under "Save as PDF"
  • DSK-362041 [Mac] Crash when loading PDF.js demo web fonts
  • DSK-351672 [Mac] Crash when trying to remove Labels from the panel
  • DSK-363436 [Mac] Opera crashes when trying to delete search engine
  • DSK-357214 [Unix] Unknown bar with Opera button and a set of mdi buttons is unremoveable
  • DSK-362196 [Unix] Broken window decorations with tabs on left side
  • DSK-362274 [Unix] Tab bar is 100% transparent with standard skin
  • Address bar
  • CORE-45480 Title of secure pages stored in global_history.dat lost when starting Opera
  • DSK-363177 Freeze when using a keyword search more than once
  • DSK-360078 Show History/Bookmarks In Addressfield Dropdown preferences don't work
  • DSK-109894 Address bar not updated when cursor is placed in address bar (and the user clicks the page to unfocus)
  • DSK-361109 Address dropdown not populated when searching page content with multiple words
  • DSK-363055 Opera should utilize maximum horizontal space in address bar dropdown for address or title
  • DSK-351224 Search suggestion latency can give you wrong suggestions if you type too fast in the address field
  • DSK-349823 Cancelling address field dropdown should revert it to its previous state
  • DSK-361483 Crash when typing in address bar
  • DSK-359224 Search suggestion does not respect private mode
  • DSK-350933 No history of local files
  • DSK-358541 Highlighted position in address field dropdown list lost when search suggestions arrive late
  • DSK-357363 Part of address that happens to match page content should not be bolded if it is not an actual match
  • DSK-361476 Previous searches in the address drop down bogus
  • DSK-361471 Display search suggestions when there is search keyword provided
  • Core
  • Several crash fixes (SVG, CSS animations, XHR, Vega, JavaScript, cache...)
  • CORE-36329 XMLHttpRequest.status becomes 0 instead of 401 or 407 on cached response (Eclipse Orion)
  • CORE-39435 Artifacts in WebM videos
  • CORE-44948 Scripts saturating setInterval() runs continuously
  • CORE-43990 Fix the Canvas clearRect properly
  • CORE-42078 Base URLs and history don't play nicely together
  • CORE-40321 Can't add invitees to Google Calendar invitations (change events sent even if the user changes the value back to the original text)
  • CORE-32333 responseXML should only be non-null when MIME type is bogus or XML
  • CORE-45567 Thumbnail generation crashes on shutdown
  • CORE-45894 tab.update should support focused:true
  • CORE-45967 Add BrowserTab.focused as an alias for BrowserTab.selected
  • CORE-43976 window.close should be able to close windows opened with _blank target from a user-initiated event
  • CORE-44828 Function Calls on named same domain frames not allowed via crossdomain parent under SSL (breaks Facebook third-party login / OAuth)
  • CORE-45395 Speed Dial extensions stop loading images when idle for a while
  • CORE-46154 Freeze due to inline with opacity ( freeze)
  • CORE-44683 Crash at some pages (
  • CORE-44058 XSLT crash on predicates using system-property('xsl:version')
  • CORE-45190 Incorrect bounding box for path causes repainting artifacts/makes content disappear
  • CORE-44742 Crash on loading text/plain content
  • CORE-44708 clearTimeout() doesn't always remove the timeout
  • CORE-44625 Improve pipelining, JavaScript, and Turbo
  • CORE-44328 HTTPS connections stucks when using proxies with limited connections
  • CORE-44312 Incorrect clipping when combining CSS transforms and opacity
  • CORE-44065 Crash with a huge file
  • CORE-44038 editor crash
  • CORE-41772 Painting freeze (or 100% CPU use) with positioned inline CoreView + wide content inside inline stacking context root
  • CORE-46312 Drag'n'drop image too large - almost freezes and windows warns about low resources

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