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PocketTV v0.3.3 released

Written by Petteri Pyyny (Google+) @ 29 Aug 2000 14:39

Guys at MPEGTV have been busy upgrading their excellent MPEG-1 player for WinCE/PocketPC devices. Latest version, v0.3.3, adds lots of functionality and better picture quality for 12-bit devices like Compaq's iPaq and HP Jornada 545/548.
I just tested it with 383kb/sec bitrate MPEG-1 file with HP Jornada 548 -- results are pretty nice: with low audio quality, stereo sound and "fast" video mode, the framerate was average 9.8fps -- on some parts it was around 12fps and in some parts around 7fps, but 2:30 clip averaged at 9.8fps overall.

As far as I know, with Compaq's iPaq movies should run if-not-totally then almost 25fps.

Excellent toy and you can download it from our site, using this link.

Of course, visit their official website at

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