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Mozilla goes 1.0!

Written by Lasse Penttinen @ 05 Jun 2002 13:50

An amazing open-source project has just made the big milestone of the first official stable release 1.0. Mozilla is now ready to challenge the Internet Explorer – it’s time for the browser war II.
Mozilla is a free, open-source and fully featured WWW browser software. It comes with Mozilla browser, mail & news client, an IRC client and Mozilla Composer for making HTML web pages. This makes it a very complete solution for utilizing the Internet. Mozilla is the first piece of software that is fully able to replace the Internet Explorer and Outlook Express by Microsoft. Changing to Mozilla is a very simple process as all email settings and mails can be imported from outlook

Can Mozilla challenge really challenge Microsoft’s products? It is possible. Mozilla has the features that users need and want. Mozilla’s user interface is very pleasing to the eye (the modern theme) and it seems very usable and easy to use as well. It does do all the tricks of IE and OE but really doesn’t have any serious benefits that would raise Mozilla above the Microsoft product. One edge that Mozilla has is the fact that Microsoft software is constantly probed for weaknesses that could be exploited with virus or other damaging purposes – Mozilla does not have this problem yet. On the other hand Internet Explorer is integrated to the operation system and partially always resident in the memory, so it does start up faster and consumes less RAM.

Mozilla is yet another great demonstration of the potential that lies in open-source software development. It shows once again how open-source developers can rival the commercial products. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Mozilla team for the job well done! The 'official' source for daily Mozilla information.

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