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Correction: FinSubs was not forced to close down

Written by Jari Ketola @ 10 Feb 2003 14:16

Contrary to our earlier news story, the Finnish subtitle page FinSubs, which offered Finnish subtitles for movies, was not forced to close down by the Finnish copyright organization. The Finnish Translators Association (SKTL) contacted the page administrators, after they discovered that the page was offering subtitles ripped directly from DVDs. They never asked the subtitles translated by the users themselves to be removed.
However the administrator at FinSubs decided to contact the Finnish Copyright Council, and ask for guidelines for running the site. They discovered that not only direct rips, but also home-made translations from either the soundtrack or the original text, are forbidden by the Finnish copyright law. That discovery lead to the decision to remove all the subtitles from the page.

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