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Investigation into Pirate Bay raid is over

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 03 Apr 2007 18:05 User comments (9)

Investigation into Pirate Bay raid is over A few months ago we reported that the web hotel PRQ and The Pirate Bay were raided in Sweden. During the raid, the police not only confiscated Pirate Bay's servers but many other servers from PRQ's server room. With this, many companies lost their livelihoods and were financially ruined. After the raid, both the police and the prosecutor in charge were charged with official misconduct, but none of the charges led to an investigation. It was concluded by the judge that during the circumstances the confiscations were justified.
Since then, the Ombudsmen of Justice (JO) has been investigating if there had been any irregularities before the raid. There were ongoing rumors that the MPAA and other lobby organizations tried to steer high officials into pressuring the police to act swiftly againt The Pirate Bay.

The latest report published clearly states that the MPAA and even the American embassy had contacted the current Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström and the Secretary of State Dan Eliasson hoping to get them to force the police into action.

However, the JO has come to the conclusion that neither of the two men have done anything illegal nor have they attempted to influence the police.

Eliasson, in his defense, wrote the following in reply to the American authorities;

"(a)ccording to the Swedish constitution, it is not possible for the Government or the Ministry to intervene in a specific case. I can however assure you that I follow closely the actions taken by the police and the prosecutors in respect of copyrights infringements on the Internet and I will not, if necessary, hesitate to initiate further measures to improve their effectiveness"

The JO also stated that the police should have acted quicker in returning the servers not related to the Pirate Bay and did not buy their explanation as to why they confiscated them in the first place. He argued they should have just unplugged the TP cable but still found that there was not enough to charge anyone with misconduct for the raids.


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9 user comments

13.4.2007 20:55

Minister of Justice Thomas Bodström and the Secretary of State Dan Eliasson...we vote them out soonest!

23.4.2007 23:07

Wow! the ol boy network is rampant in europe too,dam i'm off to sign up to the free masons down under :p

33.4.2007 23:23

Well that cracks it.. All the european countries leaders signed the USA imposed DMCA without any debate in parliament or any consultation with the electorate.. They have sold us all out to the vested interests of big business, probably breaking their own constitutions, and therefore rescinding their legal entitlement to claim fair and legal representation of their citizens by consensus. Unfortunately without serious money to take legal action and hold these politicians to account they will always get away with it.. People need to wise up fast and stop electing these self perpetuating autocracies (democracy is a myth.. doesn't matter who you vote for, the politicians always win)
Another victory for US global domination.. and a less open world for the rest of us. And we thought Sweden was a leader in citizens rights???? Pull the other one.. It's got bells on.

44.4.2007 0:25

SONY/BMG is a convinient marriage between a Japanese consumer electronics multi-media firm and a German owned record company. Universal Studios and the Universal record label are trademarks of Italy's VIVENDI family.

Both are card carrying members of the the US headquartered RIAA and the MPAA in Hollywood. Being owned by foreign nationals, they also belong to allied groups based in Europe and Asia. Your problems with copyright laws ad police raids are hardly just the work of the ugly American regeime.

Why should the US Embassy care; if you steal copyrighted music from record companies that are owned the Japanese, Germans and Italians? The Axis Powers pulled strings in Sweden too. That World War 2 fascist troika has been replaced with their capitalist pigs.

Why would anybody buy the crap the RIAA is trying to shove down our throats these days?

The Vivendis scrounged in America's prisons for gangsters and crack dealers who killed people. These dirt bags are their sick view of what a rapper should be.

A trash TV series called "Music Behind Bars" glorified these damned murderers. We got perverted foreign produced TV shows; when VH-1 ran out of making documentaries about the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd and many other respectable artists who aren't famous because they were violent criminals before they played music.

This is much worse than Rupert Murdock's American and British "IDOLS" seen now on his FOX and SKY Television networks...

This message has been edited since its posting. Latest edit was made on 04 Apr 2007 @ 0:47

54.4.2007 0:50

But lets face a fact here.. This law was drafted and passed in the USA first, then signed by European governments without any discussion whatsoever. It clearly infringes on our own states fair rights laws as it does for Americans too. There was also a lot of legal data being passed through TPB servers, not to mention the harm that was done to the other businesses by the execution of an outside warrant by overzealous police. Judges in both Italy and Denmark have refused to issue warrants because they don't consider there is any proof that a crime is actually being committed by the operators of p2p trackers.
It happens that the only things I either download from, or upload to trackers are unobtainable by other means. I don't condone piracy and theft, but the cartel are yet to show that they are being hurt financially in any way by people who do download copyrighted material.
The Italian judge was adamant that as the files were uploaded for no profit or monetary gain by the uploaders they were not in the legal sense "stealing" anything from anybody..
So the only crime actually proven to have happened from this seizire of equipment was to the legitimate businesses who had their websites taken down, without any cause or justification, mistakenly or not by the execution of a warrant originating outside the country where the action was committed. As far as I understand the laws of Sweden, running a p2p torrent tracker is not illegal and does not justify the issuing of a search and seizure warrant.

64.4.2007 8:28

no group of people should be given power over the world and its people. there is too much room for abuse. no one is ever a kinda hearted soul when they reach the upper levels of wealth and control. people like this will end up ruining the human race and ending all traces of life for their own worthless pockets.

74.4.2007 11:16

To the 2 comments above, Nail right on the head folks. Cheers for that, well worth reading

84.4.2007 22:13

Our CORRUPT US Congress is bought and paid for by it's campaign contributors. So this parliament of whores will write whatever stupid laws that interest lobbyists like the RIAA and MPAA.

Most of EUROPE didn't join the BUSH war in IRAQ. Then why adopt his other STUPID laws like sheep. Your copyright laws were brought to you by your own damned muti-national corporations. The AXIS powers are alive and well even though Hitler, Muiussoloni and Tojo are long dead. And like the so-called Red Chinese communists they have a new god - MONEY!

You don't think it's frustrating; watching the FBI raiding pirate's hideouts and confiscating several of SONY's (6 copies at once) CD/DVD burners and tons of blank disks. Any thief can buy those machines on the internet for about 1500.00 USD. These are made for thieves in it to make dirty money. A regular disc drive is good enough, for the rest of US; who only do it for private personal uses.

NONE of those CORRUPT Amerikan politicians dared to ask why a RIAA member company is one of the biggest sources of hardware and media used by the thieves. HYPOCRITES! They're not better than a crooked police chief that sells drugs to make exra cash.

Don't tell me; I know that brain dead arseholes are in charge of the big show across the pond...

95.4.2007 8:28

funny you should mention a dirt cop. i knew this one who sold killer bud..aha. but nice comment, i agree.

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