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uTorrent 1.7 Beta updated

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 07 May 2007 14:07 User comments (16)

uTorrent 1.7 Beta updated One of the most popular torrent clients, uTorrent, has been updated to a new build as it moves closer to a stable 1.7 version.
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2007-05-06: Version 1.7 (build 1703)

- Change: Prioritize seed queue based off seed/peer ratio (use_seed_peer_ratio)

- Change: Sort advanced settings by name

- Fix: Some ancient modal dialog bugs where nonmodal dialogs could get activated

- Fix: Bug where one addtorrent dialog could get activated when another was already active

- Fix: Don't repeatedly retry to start if another uTorrent window is discovered but hung

- Fix: uTorrent continues normal startup if another uTorrent instance is detected and exits; previously it would inform the user uTorrent was already running and exit

- Fix: incorrect DHT announce interval

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16 user comments

17.5.2007 18:41

Just in general do you guys(the members of AfterDawn) think it a wise idea to upgrade to this new version seeing as that uTorrent has been acquired by BitTorrent Inc.?

27.5.2007 19:16

and also by a major movie maker????

37.5.2007 20:13

And that the MPAA and RIAA and others own most of the stock? Lol, just kidding.

EDIT- well, sorta kidding...

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47.5.2007 20:33

Ah Know ah be stickin with an older version till it dont work no more
stuff updatin when it becomming harder and harder to stear away from them Moguls who just wana make more money

58.5.2007 0:11

I'm sticking with the version i have.If its not broke don't try to fix it.

68.5.2007 2:21

I will stick to mine although it does not download at high speed it does the job :)

78.5.2007 5:12

I think it is not safe to sticking to 1.6 version.

88.5.2007 11:39

Version 1.6? Not safe either; ever since 1.5 some connections haven't been showing up on your peer listings, but utorrent is transmitting data to them; not much but hmmm...I wonder what.

Peer2guardian has been blocking Utorrent related addresses on the intro of utorrent 1.5.

99.5.2007 7:43

Im thinking of switching back to bitcomet but the memory consumption of utorrent is too gd to ditch. =\

109.5.2007 22:40

thanks for the advice/update

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1110.5.2007 5:03

Dunno what to do. I'm distrustful of the new version, but if some shitware was to be included, they might have included it long before announcing the deal.

I've been using 1.6.something for a long time. On Linux, via WINE. Does anyone know of an alternative, one that connects and transfers as fast as utorrent, has a similarly compact menu, can work standalone, is just as highly configurable and requires a microscope to find?

1210.5.2007 9:15

You can try Halite (, the GUInterface looked really neat. And it is compact. But how fast and gd is it at peer management, i have no idea since i havent really switch to using it.

1312.5.2007 3:26

I just wanted to mention that I have never had any speed problems with uTorrent 1.6. As always it depends on how many seeders are available and what upload speed they can achieve. I have hit download speeds in access of 450 kB/s when there are an adequate number of seeders with good upload bandwidth, and that ain't bad. I'll stick with 1.6 thank you.

1415.5.2007 6:59

Originally posted by Cococokie:
You can try Halite ( (...)

Yep, it's small and looks good at a glance, but afaik:
-there's *NO* selective file downloading. Not only you can't set priority, but can't even select files to skip.
-it does not support multiple tracker downloads (not to mention editing the list of trackers)
-can't create torrents (not a necessity, but useful).
-(probably) doesn't support protocol encryption.

So, until Halite gets another update, the second best in my book still seems to be ktorrent. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Oh, and previously I meant to write "self-contained" instead of "standalone".
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1510.9.2007 4:39

Ever since I've updated to the new version of utorrent I've had nothing but problems. utorrent will crash for no aparent reason then It'll say "restart utorrent" I restart then it asks me if I want to update to the new version again when I already have the new version.

1627.4.2008 18:17

I have been a uTorrent user for years, but the new supposedly stable 1.7.7 version is completely hopeless. The program crashes, my modem/router crashes and my computer crashes. I have haunted every forum that I am a member of and there seems to be no solution.

I am not a fan of Azureus, but it does not crash: itself, modem/router or my computer and I will continue using it until uTorrent get their act together.

It's sad that such a great program has been, IMHO, deliberately run down and has become a mere shadow of its once great reputation. I can only assume that when it was taken over the slimy corporate lizards that infest the net ruined this once great program's reputation to begin an offensive against torrent downloading, may they rot in hell!

UTorrent was a great client for newbies that was easy to set up and there were many people with advice on how best to set it up. Azureus is a good client, but it is complex to set up for newbies and people with limited computer skills.

UTorrent's low memory and CPU resource footprint made it an ideal program for low end PCs, you know back when 8GB was a huge hard drive and 500MHz was the fastest. I hope this is a fitting epitaph to a once great program as my current research into the problems this client is having are probably it's death knell, unless the problems are adressed sooner rather than later.

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