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We all want bigger televisions, says study

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 24 Dec 2007 14:41 User comments (15)

We all want bigger televisions, says study According to new data compiled by market research firm Gfk and commissioned by Sharp, we all want bigger televisions, and we are using the excuse of the digital switchover to buy a new television.
The data, captured in October, says that sales of flat screen televisions have risen by 182% year-on-year. In the last 12 months, sales of televisions large than 46 inches have grown by 272%.

“Big screens are no longer for just shop windows or shiny office receptions,"
said Mike Gabriel, head of marketing and communications for Sharp. "With living space at a premium, our 42 inch range of AQUOS TVs have been designed to occupy the same space as its 37-inch predecessor once stood."

Sales of 37 inch TVs also rose 308 percent, reads the study.

Tommaso Monetto, Sharp product manager AQUOS LCD TV, said: “The growth in the popularity of larger screen TVs is underlined by the fact that last year our most popular range was the 42-in. Although we have seen a growth in sales of 46% in this range since January 2006, this has now been eclipsed by the 46-in range in 2007 - sales of which have shot up a whopping 150%.”


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15 user comments

124.12.2007 14:44

I' be happy with 30-40 inches myself.


224.12.2007 15:46

I'm happy with my 70"JVC and 57"Hitachi (boast,brag,etc..)

Although, I would love a huge projector at some point. Damn, the study was right!

324.12.2007 16:31

I would like a bigger tv but won't get one for two reasons. 1: My current tv is digital and it's still works fine and it has hd. 2: My wall uit only fits up to 32", so I'm not going to buy a bigger wall unit to house a bigger tv.

424.12.2007 17:35

got my 42" plasma Hitachi about 2 months ago got a projector about 3 days ago nothing gets much better then a whole wall as your tv .

524.12.2007 18:35

I know i just purchased a 46" for the front room and 8 or 9 months ago got a 37" for the bedroom love the picture/quality but i thnk the top sold sizes range from 32-42"....

624.12.2007 19:41

My Sony 46 XBR3 is big enough for me.....I'm more than happy with it.

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724.12.2007 20:09

im happy with my 32in analog sharp. =]

824.12.2007 21:13

I have a JVC 61 Inch rear-projection. 1080p. I don't know why people dislike rear projections so much. I think it has an awesome picture. especially for the $1800 I spent.

925.12.2007 0:05

Wow this thread is all common sense, Americans always want the biggest and the best, including myself. I bought a 32" HDTV about a month ago and already want more, that is expected in our culture, right?

1025.12.2007 2:08

i wouldnt mind having a 60-73" tv for sports and movies and all sorts of stuff but i really only bought my 46 TV's recently because one went out and another one was on its way so might as well go digital now figuring we have one more year of analog. An yes we americans love to buy stuff we dont need but want lol....sometimes

1125.12.2007 12:26

My Samsung 40' LCD is awsome

Its not just about the 1080p anymore for me - it has to have the 120Hz also. Samsung and sony have tvs that do 120Hz all other companies only have 60Hz at the moment i believe.

Believe me when you see transformers in HD-DVD with the proper 120Hz cable from Monster its almost 3d like - you wont go back

Here Is my set Up ---- Yea I still need to pay off the circuit city card - LOL

Samsung 40" LCD HDTV
Model #: SAM LNT4071F

Toshiba HD DVD Player
Model #: TOP HDA20

hooked up with a

Monster Cable 1000HD Ultra High-Speed HDMI Cable
Model #: MOC MC1000HD2M

and Of Course My Xbox 360 with HDMI

Check it out - this TV is Awsome and i think its at a good price

1080P / 120Hz for now :)

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1225.12.2007 20:33

Im still happy with my 17'' interlaced analog standard definition PAL CRT television.

Interlaced standard definition television make VCD look good lol.
My signal reception is bad,

I can see a few picture mixed in the tv video!

Im glad i rarely watch tv and use that tv to play ps2 :D

1326.12.2007 12:21

Looking at gtting a new TV to upgrade from my 36" standard def fatty. Probably in the Spring. Then I can get rid of my old entertainment center and re-design my downstairs living area. The new entertainment center will give me another 17" of space for furniture, which comes in handy whay I have company over. So I guess I'm justifying the larger size by saying that it will give me more living space :-P It will be at least 42" But if in the Spring a good 46" one comes down to the price I can get a 42" now, I'll go larger!

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1427.12.2007 1:03

we want bigger i dun know when this is gonna stop that study is 100% right

family history:
Firt on the living room we had a 21 wich was big a that time, then we had a 29, after that we upgraded to 32 lcd then to 42 now to 65 i dun know when will this stop but i hope it doesn't :)

1529.12.2007 2:43

The big thing that they need to do here is yes we want big TV's but due to climate change we need companies to figure out how to minimize energy consumption.

We want it however our electricity bills are also important.

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