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Chinese movie site sues MPA

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 27 Mar 2008 14:39 User comments (8)

 Chinese movie site sues MPA The popular Chinese movie download site Jeboo has filed a lawsuit against the MPA for libel . The statement in question implies that Jeboo admitted to piracy as part of a past legal settlement. Jeboo claims it did no such admission.
MPA officials refused comment on the suit, which was filed in a Beijing court last week.

Back in September, Walt Disney Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures and Paramount
Five studios
sued Jeboo in Shanghai for "supplying Internet cafes with computer software that allowed users to download and watch illegal copies of 20 Hollywood movies, including "Hitch" and "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest.""

Earlier this month the MPA announced that Jeboo had settled with the studios and that the defendants "confirmed the cessation of infringing activities,", apologized to the studios and also paid monetary compensation.

Company official Xie Jiangping says the settlement is confidential but that Jeboo never admitted to piracy. "We cannot tolerate statements that don't reflect the truth," he added.

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8 user comments

127.3.2008 15:22

Wow, now the hunted becomes the hunter!

227.3.2008 19:44

The MPA should lern not to P1SS off the 4.8Ft-5.4Ft people with type-56's and AKMS's and there Chinese Super Sonic 8000x Cd launcher.

Bad idea.

327.3.2008 20:12

I like it. The media industries have sued consumers for less than this. Now they can get a little taste. I bet Jeboo won't settle for $3000 though.

427.3.2008 21:51

who are the MPA ? Is this the MPAA minus an A ?

527.3.2008 21:55

Yep preety much. MPA it to MPAA as IFPI is to RIAA.

IFPI,MPA are just international Brethren of there respective partner

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628.3.2008 22:15

never heard of jeboo and MPA.....

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729.3.2008 11:38

Originally posted by leady:
never heard of jeboo and MPA.....
stick around for awhile and you wil hear all sorts of things on this site.


815.4.2008 20:40

Originally posted by iluvendo:
Wow, now the hunted becomes the hunter!
The hunted became the huntress
The hunter became the prey

- The White Stripes (Conquest)

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