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Nintendo launches WiiWare, six games available

Written by Andre Yoskowitz (Google+) @ 13 May 2008 2:45 User comments (9)

Nintendo launches WiiWare, six games available Nintendo has announced the launch of the highly anticipated WiiWare and with it, the availability of six WiiWare titles.
The cheapest title available is the popular Internet flash game "Defend Your Castle" from XGen Studios which sells for 500 Wii Points ($5 USD). The most expensive game is "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life As King" from Square Enix which will sell for $15 USD. The other games available are Frontier Development's "LostWinds", Nnooo's "Pop", High Voltage Software's "V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack," and Gameloft's "TV Show King" which range from $7 to $10.

In its press release the company said that the release process for the new games would be the same as Wii Virtual Console games, which are released every Monday.

Back in February, Nintendo said in an interview that over 100 WiiWare games were currently in development.

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9 user comments

113.5.2008 3:51

gotta email this to my freind, he'll be well chuffed :)

213.5.2008 4:32

wiiware has problems.

Went to logon to my wii and the only channel that would connect is the shop channel news and even the weather channel and the new nintendo channel all failed connection because of wiiware.

313.5.2008 20:51

Nice, I downloaded the castle game. It was really fun, simple game but fun. I had money on my wii card but never used it (except to buy Mario 64 of course) cause I already had the games that I liked. But this gives me a whole lot more to choose from, I love it.

414.5.2008 12:53

Wow, $15 for a Wiiware game... that cost more than the games on PSN and Xbox marketplace.

I pick PJ Monster for $10 over the castle game any time (and i can share it up to six of my friends).

514.5.2008 17:04

as long as you don't get caught for piracy.

The worse thing about wiiware is the memory requirments i could understand these games if they where being used off of a hard drive.

Not of of the wii's limited flash memory space.

615.5.2008 15:43

Do you think someone will come out with a external drive to put these games on?

715.5.2008 18:32

Interesting option, who knows... However, i don't think big N gonna allow this, since external hdds only encourage more sharing among gamers and the gamers will be pissed to learn that their downloaded games don't run in their friends' Wii.

817.5.2008 11:35

Are you kidding me? 5 dollars to play "Defend Your Castle", a couple year old Flash game that you can play on your computer for FREE??

917.5.2008 13:15

Originally posted by loubat:
Are you kidding me? 5 dollars to play "Defend Your Castle", a couple year old Flash game that you can play on your computer for FREE??

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